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2016/03/15 19:30 UTC

Winner Penta

VwS vs. Penta at GO:CL

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Ever since lowel joined Penta, they have been looking fairly decent. Lowel is topfragging for Penta in every single match and he’s really insane. They will play here against VwS who have a decent player in fender but overall, none of these should be able to compete with Penta’s players, this should be a pretty straight forward win for Penta. The problem here is, GO:CL and BO1, we all saw what CSGL did at GO:CL in a BO1 (incase you missed it, they lost against XPC, a tier8 team) so I most definitely wouldn’t go too high on this. Play it smart.

My odds for this match: VwS 25:75 Penta

Option 1Bet Penta if odds 80% or less

Medium (8%)

high risk

This match SHOULD be easy for Penta. Penta play pretty decent against tier3 teams. I dont feel this Penta is as strong as the old one. Ok, they signed loWel who’s fragging like a machine, and they have tabseN. I think mikeS was silly sign, because he’s too hyped in my opinion. He can frag against tier3 team, but when they play against for example a CSGL or an ENCE mikeS not playing good. He can be a very good player at tier3 but not more. Penta like the BO1 matches, they won against noKappa (ex-Vexed) on Mirage 16-9, and against some tier3-4 team aswell.  2 days ago they had a match against CSGL where they lost, but it was a really close match.

VwS is a good tier4 mixteam. They’re an international team, with tier3-4 players, I know the 2 lithuanian guys who played on GameplayDNA (top2 lithuanian team). Never really heard anything about their other players. I cant say anything else, but don’t think they have any chance to take this match.

BO1 match a Tier2 team against a Tier4 “mixteam”, Penta can take it like 16-5.

Medium (10%) on Penta 

My odds for this match: VwS 20:80 Penta

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Don't waste money on this match.

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