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2016/03/22 04:00 UTC

Winner WinterFox
compLexity Gaming

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WinterFox vs. coL at ESL

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2nd map is going to be Overpass and this is also a map CoL CAN be really good on, but the exact same counts for WFX. Both teams are incredibly inconsistent on this map, they can turn on anytime but also turn off anytime. CoL have a loss against Splyce, OpTic and C9 (which was 15-19) on this map and wins against TSM (which was an impressive one) whereas WFX lost to Selfless, Renegades (2-16) and LG but did win against Liquid here so overall, both teams are just incredibly inconsistent.

I feel like this map will be decided by the way desi plays, his best map is probably Overpass and he tends to drop 30 bombs here but the problem is when he doesn’t, they get stomped here. I’m going to take the risk and go with CoL for this one and hope desi won’t turn on tonight.

My odds for this match: WinterFox 45:55 compLexity Gaming

Option 2Bet WinterFox if odds 45% or less

Small (4%)

high risk

Option 3Skip


Don't waste money on this match.

This for me is a map that favours WFX just slightly. Complexity have shown they can play the map, but they have also shown massive weakness on it. It used to be a map that WFX really struggled on, but they showed against Liquid that they have some skill on it, and if their inconsistent players can perform, they can cause damage on it. The main issues I have with both sides is they peak way too much, and with Overpass being an increasingly CT biased map, whoever can eliminate mistakes the most on their CT half might come out the victor here. With coL most likely to take the first map, I would hope the odds would drop on WFX here, and as long as they are below 60-65%, I would go on them. I will try to adapt this depending on how the first map is going, and if by some how WFX take the first map, wait for how the odds settle here, and if they are too high on WFX, you should either SKIP or go really LOW on coL.

My odds for this match: WinterFox 60:40 compLexity Gaming

Option 2Bet compLexity Gaming if odds 40% or less
compLexity Gaming

Small (3%)

high risk


So 2nd match between these two and we are on Overpass. Overpass is a map that Winterfox, for who they are have had some decent scorelines on. For CoL it is difficult looking at maps and deciding what works and what doesn’t since they made a roster change, however CoL has been hit or miss, they seemingly do not have a strong CT setup on it which keeps them from taking series, however with the addition of a new AWP’er, CT sides can be improved dramatically. Winterfox I mean, they are just Winterfox, applying logic to them will cause you to struggle. With Winterfox it is like hitting the lottery, they can be really pathetic at times, and that is them most of the time, however there is those sly performances that they cause upsets and what not, so you gotta be careful. Overall, tough one to call however for me this is around 55:45 in favor of CoL. Bet low, really high risk game.


3% CoL if under 60%, otherwise 3% Winterfox here. Playing the odds is seriously best thing you can do here.

My odds = 55-45 CoL

My risk = High

My bet = 3% CoL if under 60%, otherwise 3% Winterfox here

My advice  = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: WinterFox 45:55 compLexity Gaming

Option 2Bet WinterFox if odds 40% or less

Small (3%)

high risk


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