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2016/01/28 02:30 UTC

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WinterFox vs. NME at Counter Pit League

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Enemy are performing insanely well for quite some time already, they are one of the best teams in North America right now and I have been saying this for months, Enemy also proved that they can perform just as good at lan events as they managed to win the Americas Minor Championship. Winning the Minor was by far the biggest achievement Enemy managed to get, their run was very impressive as beating teams like Winterfox and SPLYCE is not an easy task, Enemy didn’t even drop a single map during this tournament.

Winterfox is a decent team but they seem to be quite inconsistent, the match against Games Academy looked really bad and I was expecting Winterfox to beat them quite easily there, their results were pretty good overall as they beat OpTiC Gaming, SPLYCE and TSM, but it seems like Enemy eSports is their kryptonite as Winterfox always struggled against them. I am not really sure what’s the problem with Winterfox, the lineup is amazing but their team play is just terrible, it seems like everyone is pugging instead of focusing on their team.

Looking at the past results and teams in general, I feel like it’s gonna be 1-1 but Enemy should have a better chance here and I believe they will take at least one map.

My odds for this match: WinterFox 35:65 NME


Alrighty so myself and Winterfox meet once again. I analysed Obey vs Winterfox yesterday, where I went a bit in depth with Winterfox, so you might want to read that however I’ll try to summarize them a bit, and my thoughts of them coming into this match obviously. I watch these guys really regularly, almost every time they play, and I’ve mixed opinions on them. Winterfox can be really good at times, like insanely good like they are supposed to be on paper, okay maybe not ‘insanely’ but should be able to do a lot better than they’ve historically have. Their problems are just in teamwork and just general leadership I feel, you see them making a whole bunch of mistakes, especially in high advantage situations like 4v2’s, and what not – Something that can not be happening as often as it does for these guys. To me Winterfox seems to do a lot better when nobody expects them to win, rather than when they are expected to win. These guys are not bad, they have some really good players on the roster, Desi for example, when on fire can be unreal, Anger, when he hits form once a year, the guy is nutty. XP3 great AWP’er when he is feeling it ,FlowSick has been improving quite a bit, so that is often a plus, I think he has finally found his role within the team and it is definitely showing.

Winterfox are often underestimated due to their failures, and I feel like this is one of the matches. It is a BO2 which makes me understand the odds a bit more, however don’t count these guys out. When they are not losing 4v2’s all over the place, they can be quite good, and them getting a map here is definitely very likely. They have been living in a gaming house together for some time now, and working hard towards improvement, and I mean I can only respect that. Their map pool is strong, so them getting a map here is not unlikely at all, if not two.


Another team that has been improving massively, maybe not just so all at once, however progressively and it is definitely showing. I analysed these guys in detail yesterday versus Splyce once again, so if you want a more in depth on them, head back to yesterdays analysis. Either way, I do feel that Enemy should be the favorites in this matchup. Now the thing is, on paper, I feel like they are weaker than Winterfox, however they are more consistent and work a lot more better than Winterfox as a team, and Koosta, yeah Koosta helps quite a bit too. It has been proven many times that this game is a team game, and not a game of individuals, and that is where Enemy comes ahead of Winterfox, for now at least. I was watching Enemy play against Splyce yesterday, and to be quite honest, they did win 2-0, however I was not overly impressed, I was kinda expecting more. They came from behind, no idea how but beat Splyce on Train after losing the CT side 10:5, Splyce basically choked big time, only got two rounds on their CT, while Enemy racked up 11 on their T side. Mirage it was once again their T side where they simply dominated, while their CT was a bit of a letdown. Overall did not look too hot, and I do rate Winterfox higher than Splyce, so keep that in mind.


Overall I feel like Winterfox on paper when everyone is firing on all cylinders is the stronger team, skillwise however when it comes to being a team, having chemistry and what not, Enemy takes it there. Of course Koosta is the best player on the server, right now at least however  that’s that. It is a BO2 that will most likely end in a 1-1, or either team honestly could edge out a very, very close 2-0, however I do not see it happening. I do have Enemy down as my favorites, mainly due to the fact that they are more consistent and have a history of beating Winterfox quite regulary. Winterfox is practicing hard tho, in a gaming house so do not, do not underestimate them here, they are more than capable of upsetting here, and given the odds, I do not see a reason why not throw a low, 2-3% bet on them here, and hope they pickup at least a map. Much will come down to which Winterfox we see today however, like I mentioned above, it is either a really horrible Winterfox or a really good one, there is no real inbetween for these guys.


Since Winterfox find themselves at 30% at the moment of writing this, I strongly recommend simply going low on Winterfox here. They are not a bad team at all, and deserve higher odds I feel. They are working hard and hopefully it pays off. Since it is a BO2, if it ends in a 1-1 you get your skins back, and I am pretty confident that a good Winterfox can take at least a map here.  Unless Winterfox goes above 38%, I will bet 3% on them here. If they do in fact go above it however, I’ll place 3% on Enemy, however I do not see them going above it. Just playing the odds here since it is a close matchup.

My odds = 58:42 Enemy

My risk = High

My bet = Playing the odds with a low Witnerfox most likely. Unless they go above 48%

My advice = Follow my bet.

My odds for this match: WinterFox 42:58 NME


These two teams are currently really close to eachother. Enemy have been performing really well recently but same can be said about Winterfox. Winterfox are coming really close to Enemy’s skill and beat hem last time Online in a BO3. This match is going to be a BO2 so the most likely outcome would be 1-1. Enemy did seem to have some trouble with Splyce yesterday, I definitely did not like their CT side on both Mirage and Train, they couldn’t hold their sites and these kind of things are crucial vs a team like Winterfox, this can simply lose you the game. Winterfox improved their mappool and they might currently even be better on Inferno than Enemy. If the map is Inferno then I can definitely see Winterfox taking this one and maybe even the second map as well after having the momentum.


This is a really close match. I still am kind of favouring Enemy as they’ve proven what they can whereas Winterfox are more ”new” to being a top team and are still trying to prove themselves. I mentioned it earlier, this will most likely be a 1-1 but I can definitely see Winterfox taking 2-0 when the maps are Inferno and Mirage. Let’s just hope for that and root for Winterfox.


We will be going low on Winterfox here. I’m personally feeling an upset here and a 2-0 from Winterfox. I could be completely wrong but we’ll see. Just make sure you’re not going too high and just enjoy this incredible match.

Thanks for reading and good luck with your bet!

My odds for this match: WinterFox 40:60 NME


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