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Winter Classic

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2016/02/04 05:00 UTC

Winner WinterFox

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WinterFox vs. Obey at Winter Classic

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No please no nooooooo!!!!!!! I was just crying about how much I’m analysing these guys, and in to yet another, great Winterfox analysis! Woo! Come on guys get excited. No but ahm seriously, like I said in the previous one, So of course these guys are all living together in a gaming house, or at least practicing there, and I mean that is always good as it’s always easier to point things out to somebody when you are next to him, on his monitor and not a few hundred kilometers away. there is already some noticeable improvement, and it all just does not happen over a day, these guys just have to keep grinding. Winterfox has a high skill ceiling, of course not the best in NA, they aren’t your Liquids, however they are decent and can be up there somewhere. Personally I think they should replace Lex, the guy does not impress me at all and I think he is dead weight in that team, but then again it’s like him and Anger are a package deal. With Winterfox it’s kinda like trying to predict the winning lottery numbers, they are just so god damn inconsistent, and the thing is, they aren’t like Fnatic, when they are on form just demolish everybody, off form still demolish but slightly worse, nono, when these guys are off form they are in strong contention to be a decent tier 3 NA team, which is really bad.

Obviously Winterfox has a more ‘harder’ game before this, so feel free to watch how they do there and judge if they are up for hte challenge. This is a BO1 that Winterfox should honestly be taking, but it is a BO1, in NA, those are always risky so be careful, more on that later.


Obey isn’t that half bad to be honest actually, I’ve analysed this exact matchup twice before I believe. I do think that Winterfox should be winning, but Obey can definitely challenge, especially given that this is a BO1. All that you are required to do in a BO1 is to have some really impactful players, like DSR or Brehze for example, those are the two who stood out to me when I last watched Obey play with their frags. Then you win the pistol, a few gun rounds, a few clutches and it kinda all just snowballs, and to me Winterfox is that kind of a team that would slip this up. I paid attention to Obey vs Hooliganz yesterday, and honestly for how good Hooliganz are, Obey struggled a bit too much I feel, especially on the first map, so that’s something to keep in mind. Overall I do not think that Obey should be winning this, however there definitely is potential if their players can go off.


Honestly if Winterfox is working as hard as they are saying, they should be taking matchups like this. Obey isn’t really on their level, not only strat wise but also aimwise. It is a BO1 however which adds just enough danger level for me to ring a few bells however, especially in NA. I’d say this is high risk, given that it is a BO1, these are never safe enough to feel safe. As long as Winterfox take this serious, and are not seriously lacking today, they should be taking this, like a 16:8 socreline sounds alright, but what do I know. Winterfox has a game before this, so feel free to watch that and judge just how they are playing today, could be a nice factor to keep in mind. Overall just play the odds here, 72-28 in favor of Winterfox.


Just going to play the odds here with a lowbet, given that it is a BO1 with Winterfox included. So I’m giving this a 72-28 in favor of Winterfox, meaning that as long as Winterfox is below 77%, I will drop 5% on them, otherwise I will probably ICB on Obey. Recommend doing the same here.

My odds = 72-28 Winterfox

My risk = High, NA BO1’s with Winterfox, nty.

My bet = Playing the odds. Low, 5%, on Winterfox as long as they are below 77%, otherwise skip.

My advice = Same as my bet.


My odds for this match: WinterFox 72:28 Obey


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