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2016/04/15 02:10 UTC

Winner ZPGodz

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WinterFox vs. ZPGodz at CEVO

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Edit: Read below!

This is actually a really scary game, WFX haven’t been looking good at all recently and they look rather sad, it’s sad to say that they rely on their IGL Lex to get frags for them, anger is completely off and hasn’t topfragged this entire year, Xp3 seems off with the awp, Flowsick is just .. bad and Desi .. well, he’s extremely inconsistent. Overall WFX are just a bunch of players who rely on individual players to step up such as desi and lex, that’s just not good enough for a pro team.

ZPG are one of the best pugs of NA right now. They really have some insane aim with rabbit, cJ, Marved and FGB. cJ and Marved are the upcoming talents, iirc Marved is only 16 years old and already has some extreme aim. I’m not surprised at all that they stomped Noble 2-0 earlier this week, it was a convincing win and ZPG look really good even though they are a pug.

This is the closest one to call for NA today, WFX are just bad and ZPG are a really good pug team. Question here is, can WFX hold a pug team? historically they have a hard time against pugs and tend to get upset by them. I would still favour WFX a tad bit in this match but the best thing to do is to simply play the odds for this one.

This match is going to be a complete shitfest, hades left ZPG’s roster and joined Winterfox for Desi, not necessarily an upgrade and hard to say. another thing to mention is that the winner has to play against C9 and ZPG will have to forfeit that as cJ can’t play at that time. So what I’m saying is that ZPG might not necessarily want to win here. Anyway, I wouldn’t risk any money on this, please make sure to skip this one!

My odds for this match: WinterFox 55:45 ZPGodz

This is a match that WFX with + hades – desi will really want to win. How they will play with him remains to be seen as desi was a big fragger, and hades was not. He did play with them a long time ago, so he does know the players well, as he does with the side they face tonight. They were the side that hades just left, and although FGB admitted on stream they had no strats at all, he still knows how they like to play, and the things they like to do. ZPG also admitted they would forfeit the game after this if they won and honestly did not sound confident at all of winning this. The odds are not the best, but I don’t feel confident in ZPG taking this, and if you want to bet, I would suggest a LOW bet on WFX, but it is incredibly risky.

My odds for this match: WinterFox 65:35 ZPGodz

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