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World Championships 2015

Best Of 3
2015/09/01 16:30 UTC

Winner Belarus


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Belarus vs. Ireland @World Championships 2015

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Forgive me for any mistakes I make, I am really not familiar with the Irish side of CSGO.

Belarus is sporting some pretty big names at the moment. There are two players from Evolution (fast and undo), and there is also the big man, the best AWP in Belarus, CyberFocus. CyberFocus rose to fame when he stepped in for s1mple for the whole qualification stage of the ESL ESEA Pro League. Unfortunately, he did not live up to s1mple’s carrying demands, and the team failed, after winning barely any matches in the many matches that they played. CyberFocus is currently playing on a mix PUG style team called ‘Worst Players’. Joining him is spaz. The final player which I haven’t covered is ‘aka’. I have never heard of this player, however according to his history, we was last seen playing for GGWP.

The players representing Belarus are shaping up to be a very powerful team in terms of fragging. Two players I would advise to keep your eye on are CyberFocus and spaz. Both players are extremely powerful fraggers and they have been playing quite a bit lately on Worst Players.

I haven’t really heard or studied any of these players, but two players that I do recognize are ‘b3n’ and ‘Neil_M’. I last recall seeing b3n play for CSGOCasino in a BO1, just a day ago for the UK ESL division. B3n ended up as the top frag against ‘Choke’, ending the map with a KDR of 28-19. As for NieL_M, I don’t think he has played too many matches as of late, but I do recall him playing for Choke not long ago.

The lineup as a whole does have a little bit of potential, upon further inspection. Their last match together was against Greece, and Ireland won, 2-0 with CINDER topping the leaderboard and NieL_M being the anchor.

Players to watch
From Belarus: CyberFocus
From Ireland: CINDER

Yeah look, this match is a pretty tough one to call as the contrast of the teams which the players VS and perform against are quite different. For example, the Belarus guys may be good against CIS teams, but when they’re not playing domestically, they could struggle. Same goes with Ireland. Who knows how they will do? I still personally think that Belarus will be able to pull the win off if their brains are switched on though. My personal odds are 60-40.

Please bet accordingly, factor in the odds and the risk VS reward.

My odds for this match: Belarus 60:40 Ireland


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