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2016/02/20 09:30 UTC

Winner G2

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x6tence vs. G2 at ESL

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I was watching X6tence yesterday for all of their matches, and obviously they got rekt, and rekt hard, 16:6 by Astralis and 16:2 by Vexed. The demolishing was not down to them having bad teamplay(that too actually) or that they were getting unlucky, or the other team just being better than them, the X6tence’s guys aim was just sooooo off, and even further put, their teamplay was poor, in general how they played was poor and it’s just not looking good. They are a new team, been together for about a month. The team has a lot of young guys who for this is their first LAN, so you obviously know they are nervous and what not, and it definitely showed. G2 on the other hand simply played Astralis yesterday, and should’ve closed it out once again, however instead went to OT once again and lost. For me this just has to be a G2 win, they are overall the better team, I like them a bit and X6tence just looked really off yesterday. There have been cases however of teams having a poor day, coming back next day with a new plan and just demolishing, however I do not see it happening here. It is a BO1 here however, so you got to be careful. 85-15 G2.


Going to maxbet G2 here as long as they are below 93%. If they are below it, will probably skip or ICB X6tence. It is a BO1, so if you want to be careful, do not max this as BO1’s can be random. Only go high if your high is more than 100$ here, or else you will not get a return.

My odds = 85-15

My risk = High

My bet = Max G2 if belove 93%, otherwise skip/ICB X6

My advice = Same as my bet, if no max, go high if your high is above 100$, otherwise skip/ICB X6

My odds for this match: x6tence 15:85 G2

So this is the opening match of the day 2 of ESL Barcelona Invitational, not much to explain here as x6tence performed really bad yesterday, they got demolished 16-2 by both Vexed and Astralis. x6tence’s loss against Astralis wasn’t that surprising since it was basically one of the best teams in the world up against a mediocre tier 3 team, however, I expected much more from x6tence in the match against Vexed, especially because of the map as mirage is one of their best maps as far as I know, but well, they got wrecked again.

Gamers2 played only a single match yesterday, it was a best of one against Astralis on dust2 and Gamers2 played really well in that match, they had a decent lead and were about to win but kinda choked in the end, overall it seems like they are well prepared for this tournament and could pull off some sick upsets in the upcoming matches.

I don’t think x6tence would have a chance on any map, this is probably the safest match we will have for the day as x6tence is by far the worst team in this tournament.

My odds for this match: x6tence 10:90 G2


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