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2016/02/05 22:00 UTC

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YP vs. Ancient at CEVO

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So obviously coming off the back of a very impressive 2-1 win over CSGOLounge, which I honestly did not see happening and yes did lose some skins on. People were quick to call cheats on YouPorn, however I do not think so myself, sure some smoke calls and whatever, but it was honestly just like I said in my analysis, a very classical CSGOLounge performance, you just can not trust those guys with consistency, they can be very good, but at the same time can be bots, and have lost matches versus teams worse than YouPorn, so I am not surprised. I do think that YouPorn performed well versus CSGOLounge, however like I said was more CSGL playing bad, and I do indeed think it was a fluke of a game, however it’s still something to be noted of. YouPorn I do not rate too highly of, they have some decent players like DavCost, a guy I am a fan of, however they just do not have the skill level or just tactical capability of being a good team at the moment, sure they are good in the CIS region, however not the best around or anything by that sorts either, they are just average I feel. I just can not see them beating Ancient here easily, for me it more depends on Ancient playing bad than YouPorn playing well.


So obviously still a new team in the mix. I am honestly hyped for this team, I will not lie. I did not really explain in my last analysis of Ancient, but I am a fanboy of this team, I honestly see them going far as long as they stick to it and work together here, they have some unreal talent on that team, as well as good leadership under Pronax and Devilwalk, so I am indeed hyped, and I was happy to see them beat E-Frag rather comfortably the other day. I watched that game and honestly, Twist especially was just on fire, which is always good to see, I always have said that Twist is nuts when on form, and if he can be on fire versus YouPorn here, I just do not see them having a chance. It is also good if Schneider and Pauf chip in, Pauf did better fragwise than Schneider versus E-Frag which is a good sign, as I had some doubts over him. I still do think that Devilwalk has to go however, but what can I do, just gotta deal with it for some time. I would go high on Ancient, however they are still a new team, so their chemistry might not be the best, and have had some shaky results in the Kato qualifiers where they lost to Cadian’s mix and what not, just really poor, so I am being wary here, don’t worry.


So yes, I do honestly think that as long as the Ancient guys are hitting their shots, they should be winning this. I am a fanboy as I already stated, and I do wish them the best. I would go high here, but the only reason I am not is due to their poor results in the Kato Qualifier, and the fact that they are still a new team, so chemistry is not the best, that is never safe. I do think that they should be safe for a medium here however, it is a BO3 and for YouPorn to win this they’d have to really step up. I do rate Ancient higher than CSGL, and as I said, YouPorn beating CSGL was a fluke for me, and more CSGL being classical poor CSGL than YouPorn doing anything out of this world, you don’t get 14 terrorist rounds on Mirage unless the other team is completely broken. 75-25 Ancient for me here.


Like I said, I would go high however not completely safe due to Ancient’s shaky results in the past and the fact that they are a new team. Going medium on them here however, as long as they are below 82% here, if they are indeed above it, I’ll throw an ICB on YP, why not, hope they can repeat the heroics that they did versus CSGL.

My odds = 75-25 Ancient

My risk = Medium

My bet = 10% Ancient if under 82%, otherwise ICB YP

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: YP 25:75 Ancient


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