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2016/02/03 17:00 UTC

Winner YP

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Lounge Gaming did a great job beating PixelFire yesterday, they looked quite shaky on the first map and I thought they are going to lose the match as the following maps were very good for PixelFire, however, Lounge Gaming demolished them on both train and mirage, they took the series 2-1. I believe Lounge Gaming will be using peet again today, yesterday I thought that having peet will make them perform much worse than they usually do, however, peet played very well and it seems like he easily adjusted to Lounge’s strats.

YP are pretty bad right now, recently they lost a ton of matches or maps against mediocre teams such as Gambit Gaming, Optimum, Epsilon, Millenium and DEEZ NUTS, they managed to take a map off of FlipSid3 and beat few lower teams but that’s pretty much all they won. YP became really bad after the roster change, I really liked the old Enervate / Phenomenon lineup, the current one is just inconsistent and bad.

I don’t see YP pulling off an upset here, Lounge Gaming looked very solid yesterday and they should be able to take this match very easily.

My odds for this match: YP 25:75 CSGL

CSGL looked really good yesterday, even if peet is not the most impressive player ever, he seems to have slotted in well, and they could of easily won 2-0 if they had taken the pistols on the first map. They won a lot more gun rounds, and were unlucky to lose it. They completely demolished PF on the other 2 maps, and looked really strong.

Their opponent today is YP, a really average side who from time to time have strong performances, and then many average ones. They had a good win over E-frag, but that seemed more down to E-frag not caring than YP showing anything of note. They do have some experience in their roster, but that experience doesn’t really make up for their lack of individual skill.

Judging from what I saw yesterday from CSGL, they should be able to take this game 2-0. They are an inconsistent side however, so there is a slight risk involved here, but overall from what we have seen the last days, I see no reason how CSGL will lose 2 maps here. MED on CSGL or SKIP being the only logical bets here.

My odds for this match: YP 30:70 CSGL


So I did an analysis in depth about these guys yesterday versus PixelFire, so that could be a good read here. Basically I was going on about how when CSGL decides to play, and play well, they can be extremely deadly and individually, skillwise they are quite good actually, so I never count these guys out – And they showed it yesterday with a very dominant performance over PixelFire on the last two maps. But yes, of course consistency is a big thing for these guys, obviously they removed Oskarish and replaced him with Peet. Overall I would not feel safe going high on CSGL, ever, due to their inconsistencies, however they are a really decent underdog at times, and I mean they should be quite heavy favorites for this one. and as long as they take this BO3 seriously, there isn’t really much that should be stopping them.


YouPorn isn’t terrible, but they aren’t the greatest either. They are heading in a good direction with the addition of DavCost, or maybe I am just bias’d because I sometimes talk to the guy, but I really do think he is a good player, when he gets going, however his consistency is a big problem. YouPorn is decent amongst their region and tier teams, however when it comes versus CSGL, I just do not think they should be able to pull it out in a BO3. I do not think YP has the experience together as a team, nor the skill required to take this at the moment, however what do I know, they could just show up and completely demolish, but unlikely.


Overall I definitely think that this BO3 is one that CSGL should be coming out off in a good condition, with a simple 2-0. However, YouPorn is not terrible, CSGL is not consistent at all and have shown in the past they are able to lose matchups like this, or even worse, so I could see some clenchy action here, or even YouPorn taking a map, two? Eeeh that is pushing it I feel. Going to play the odds here as going high/Maxbet on CSGL, I just can not force myself to do it, even if they do win, the fact that they are so up and down just worries me too much. So overall, CSGL should be taking this, but play the odds as YouPorn can push a challenge, especially if CSGL is horrible today.


Going to play the odds here, if the odds do not have value in them, I will be skipping this. Maxing CSGL, eehh no thanks, even if they win, just not worth in my eyes. So I give this a 75-25 in favor of CSGL, and as long as they are below 82%, I will drop 10% of my bankroll on them, if they are above it however, I will most likely skip, if you are feeling fancy, go ahead and drop an ICB(<1%) on YP. Recommend doing the same to you guys.

My odds = 75-25 CSGL

My risk = Medium

My bet = Playing odds, if CSGL below 82%, 10% on them otherwise skip

My advice = Same as my bet.

My odds for this match: YP 25:75 CSGL


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