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UCC Europe

Best Of 3
2016/02/17 13:00 UTC

Winner Orgless

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YP vs. Orgless at UCC Europe

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So obviously these guys have been making quite the headlines recently due to their antics, both good and bad. We’ve seen this team rise to very highs of their ability, but then also fall straight down, and smash off the ground, doing a live representation of a pancake. No idea what I just said, but eitherway, yes YP has shown us good things, but then also shown us bad things, which makes me question their consistency as a main part, but even more so, if they are using any external software to perhaps enhance their performances, which to not be stereotypical, but in lower tier CIS CSGO, it’s very possible. With YP it’s very tricky, since when they are on their high form, you could argue that they should be the favorites here, however when they are on their usual selves, they are underdogs by quite a bit here. Eitherway, not going to count out YP here, however on a normal day, do not feel like they should be winning this BO3 consistently.


Spoke about these guys a bit yesterday. So they replaced Tabu with Skytten recently, and I believe Skytten is their in-game leader, at least that would make sense so that should be a benefit for them, Skytten althought not the best of fraggers, should be alright in the leading department, but then once again he isn’t playing versus the greatest of players, so his fragging should be decent too. Orgless are a pretty up and down team themselves when you look at their past results, such as getting destroyed by FM Esports, then beating CPH, drawing to Ence, taking a map off Ancient. Some good results in there, however a few poor ones thrown in too, so lets not get too confident. For me as long as the players are hitting their shots, Orgless should be taking this. As I said in my previous analysis, with Orgless teams it works two ways, either they try their best to try and get a new sponsor, or they simply do not care as much for the game and chill as they do not have a name to represent anymore. I do think that Orgless are however trying their best, given the new addition which is seemingly an upgrade, and the decent results as of recent too.


Overall this one is really tricky to call. You could really argue that either team could be favorites here, and not many would contest that argument. For me Orgless have to be the favorites here, with YP it’s just too hard to consistently land the lottery of either them being hot on the day, or ice cold, and they are ice cold more often than lava hot. Of course for YP the potential is there, however ehhh, but then again I’m pretty sure my winrate when it comes to YP matches is horrible, so you are probably better off listening to Myzz or somebody here, he got you boys 😛 Eitherway, for me this is a 60-40 in favor of Orgless. Really high risk game and I simply recommend playing the odds here with a low bet.


Going to go 2-3% on Orgless unless they go above 67%, in which case I will drop 2-3% on YP. Extremely high risk game as YP can without a doubt take this if they are ”feeling it” or their external software decides to update, Kappa NoKappa. Low bets only, really high risk.

My odds = 60-40 Orgless

My risk = High

My bet = 2-3% Orgless unless above 67%, in which case 2-3% YP

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: YP 40:60 Orgless


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