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RGN Tournament

Best Of 3
2016/02/08 19:00 UTC

Winner RCTIC

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YP vs. RCTIC at RGN Tournament

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This despite saying a BO3 on CSGL, is actually a BO1. It is the consolidation final and the winner will find themselves in the grand final, playing for $1800 for first place, and $800 for second. YP are a strange team to talk about to be honest. Some games they are really poor, and other games really strong. I know DavCost has a past with cheating and sometimes I feel they are still using things due to the fact their results vary so much. In the qualifier for the major, they were really strong, but then in other games really poor.

RCTIC just back from LAN as well, where they looked good the first map, and then really poor the second, and they were completely ran over by CPH. They do have SOME good players, especially sAw, but they make really weird decisions sometimes. For example, sAw had $6000 and his whole team bought, and all he bought was a pistol. It is hard to understand what they are doing.

With this being a BO1, and myself knowing the types of games YP can lose sometimes, the only logical bet for me is to suggest going LOW/ICB on RCTIC if you have some spare skins, or SKIP if you don’t. This is a high risk game and we are more hoping for the old poor YP to come out, rather than the one who seems to rape everyone.

My odds for this match: YP 65:35 RCTIC


So I keep putting YouPorn off to the side, and they keep demolishing me for it. First with the upset versus CSGOLounge and then versus Ancient, and hell, they 16:0’d Ancient on Mirage just to rub it in a bit. To my defense so to speak, those two are really inconsistent so eh, I don’t know. So overall YouPorn are obviously decent, however I’ve been completely off put with these latest two upsets, as they’ve come out of nowhere, literally. This guys seem to be pretty decent in the CIS region, able to stand their ground, my boy DavCost plays here so ahm, yeah decent but I would’ve never expected them to do what they’ve done versus CSGL and Ancient. It does raise some worrying questions as to was it done legitimately and what not, and I mean to me these guys seem clean for the most part, but what do I know. For me going into this game YP is the better team on paper, and their really good form makes it even more convincing for them, however I just do not want to get too over hyped with all of this, so I’m playing cautious.


RCTIC for me right not are not convincing to say the least, and I mean I never really have rated them too highly, however versus a team like YouPorn, especially in a BO1, you should be able to scratch something here. There by no means is a significant difference in skill and what not, although I do favor YouPorn, RCTIC aren’t horrible. Their results are not looking too good either, they did attend a LAN where they pretty much got stomped, I mean they did almost pull off a map versus CPH.Wolves, however their CT completely collapsed. I do not want to count RCTIC out given that this is once again a BO1, and all it requires is a few clutches won, a few pistols won and you are all set to go.


Overall I do feel that overall for me YouPorn is the better team, and putting their recent form together with that, it just makes it that much more one sided. Of course, this is a BO1 unlike popular belief of this being a BO3, so adds way more danger. For me this is a 62-38 in favor of YouPorn here, I do not want to jump too ahead with YouPorn and play it cautiously. I am most likely going to be skipping this game, because BO1 and the whole YouPorn situation is just unclear from me, they aren’t gods or anything, they have lost to teams a lot worse than RCTIC in very recent history, so I am just playing my cards here.


So for me this is a skip, sure YouPorn are my favorites and all, however given CSGL’s current odds, there is no value to be made for me here, and given that YouPorn hype train, I just don’t want to fall onto it. It is a BO1 at the end of the day, and that can be pretty random. Just saving my skins, and recommend doing the same here. Poor match to bet on I think.

My odds = 62-38 YouPorn

My risk = High

My bet = Skip

My advice = Skip


My odds for this match: YP 62:38 RCTIC


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