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Dev Diary: New Prediction Alerts & Live Odds

Posted 13th October 2015 By: para    120 Views

Our main aim is to get predictions to you fast and get your prediction placed even faster. The two latest updates (both still in Beta) cover just that. We’ve now introduced chrome notifications and live odds tracking

Chrome Notifications

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 13.27.41Just visit and you’ll be faced with the option to subscribe to chrome notifications (do I really need to mention you have to be in Google Chrome?)

This posts a notification every time a new prediction is posted. It’ll show you the teams, event and the predictor who called it so you can pick and choose which notifications to click on.

Once clicked it’ll take you straight to the match.


Live Odds

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 13.41.10

Whilst we’ve always had the odds graph on show, the new live odds section goes one further. It’ll refresh every minute with a variety of odds available around the web. Currently it’s limited to Lounge and Betway, but we’ll soon be expanding this to make sure that once you’ve decided on a bet, you can maximise your return.

Constant updates…

Along with this update, there are a ton of other fixes and tweaks including ‘countdown timers fixed’ (hurrahh), new pricing table on the premium upgrade page for better clarity and a new and clearer ‘who are we‘ page.

Keep sending in your feedback, we’re checking over as much as we can. Our schedule is for constant improvements, tweaks and bugfixes.


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