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Dev Diary: Throwchecking

Posted 23rd October 2015 By: para    201 Views

The match pages have had a new update. In addition to a tighter integration of the odds tracking graphs we’ve also included a new graph to show the quantity of bets over time.  Something we’ve had in the works for a while but have only just been able to release.

These two graphs work in combination to detect anomalies in the odds. If the odds shift drastically in the closing minutes before the match, this usually points to a changing picture and your original bet may no longer be safe e.g. an ill player, a last minute change of lineup or even a planned throw for money ( very unlikely with tier 1 and 2).

If the throwcheck triggers, a warning will be displayed above the odds graphs on the match page (for premium users only).

The general opinion from the CSGOHUB predictors is to switch your bet to the underdog to cover off the risk of a throw. You can discuss with other premium members via the livechat at the bottom of the match page.

  • DerMaxy

    man, trust me imho thats really a feature which makes it worth to donate….
    seriously the premium prediction are very often crap like “i would definitly skip this, but if you have a big bankroll and can not stop betting, go low on teamXY”
    but with the odds checker i discovered quite a bunch of throws in the last days. Especially at t3-4 games where i would normally never bet, i`ve made with this feature quite good money 🙂 ty


Written by para

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