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Developer Diary

Posted 11th October 2015 By: para    128 Views

Since launching two months ago we’ve continued behind the scenes to work round the clock. This is still a weekends and evening job to keep the site running smoothly until we can afford to go full-time on it. Our priorities for the time since launch has been a mixture of bug fixing and introducing the early new features to help bulk out the premium package.

There were a few inevitable bugs which we’d not spotted in testing but so far there’s been nothing major. With the server and subscriptions all stable, we’ve been a little more free to experiment.

The updates listed below might not be new to everyone, this covers all the site changes over the past few weeks.

New / Major updates:
– New homepage slider
– Added basic blog functionality
– New homepage design
– New premium upgrade page
– Odds display section added to match template
– New Betway odds added to odds section
– Idle checking js added to only update live odds when user is active
– API caching added for lounge match stats
– Odds API fixed, all games should have live lounge odds
– Reformatted the match stats blocks into a more cohesive stats section
– All matches which are live but don’t haev a prediction are now visible to logged in users to view the stats / form guides
– New sitewide footer
– Added ‘past matchups’ to form guide to show the results from the last two matches the same teams played each other.
– Added filter for the previous advice page to select premium or free matches
– New livechat system

– Added more detailed premium upgrade notices
– Added prompts to the user that their account will expire soon
– Added premium star to past match list
– New sticky nav on the match page for easier switch between functionality

Behind the scenes
– added AdRotate blocks to handle any direct sales banner advertising
– Optimizations of the matches api, only a smaller segment is now handled which should have a small impact on speed
– tweaks to the match api section
– Cleaned up some dev code in the cron jobs
– Predictor dashboard limited to 10 days
– Membership area now differentiates between expired and never paid
– Added banner ad group throughout
– Reintroduced the team stats api updates which killed the previous server… 😀


– Added sexy background on premium matches
– Updated the form guide fixed draws showing as losses
– Restyled form guide
– Added in option for draw as a betting odds value
– Social links in header now open in a new tab
– Basic pricing marker added to premium upgrade page.
– general styling amends to the match page
– Fixes made to handle odds for draws
– Tidied up the new odds section
– odds graph sizing adjusted
– Premium upgrade page widths adjusted
– Footer tidy
– Fixed bug with the new lounge match list
– Ton of css fixes and tweaks
– Added link to login page in footer and header of site
– Tweaked the premium upgrade text
– Added animation behind premium upgrade footer


Written by para

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