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Dev Diary: Calculating and Tracking your bets, Livestreams and new chat

Posted 23rd November 2015 By: para    339 Views

This weeks update grew larger and larger. Starting out as an inclusion of livestreams into our match pages it’s now grown up to include a new match chat system, bet calculator and a bet tracker.

Livestreams & new chat system

The idea having the streams on the match pages has been around for ages, I’ve finally been able to include this onto the site. Once the stream has been added it’ll appear next to the live chat.

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 13.55.30

Nitrogen eSports

If a match is going to show the stream, you’ll see the ‘Livestream Available’ text appear on the betting advice page.

Once into the match the livestream should be visible. If it’s a Twitch stream then you’ll also get the choice of the twitch chat feed or the CSGOHUB Match Chat. This is currently for premium only while we stress test it on the live site. We intend to make streams available to all sometime soon.

[Update: The chat system had a server crunching bug so this was reverted back to the original chat software]

Bet Calculator

We’ve noticed a lot of tweets & group posts with users going all in or asking what we recommend for a certain sized bet. So to help we’ve added a calculator onto the match page.

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 14.00.07

So if a predictor calls a Small bet. you can use the calculator to see how that equates to your own inventory. Just type in your inventory size on the left and select a bet size from the dropdown in the middle. Your recommended bet amount will pop out on the right.

Bet Tracking


The bet tracker/marker/follower/whatever allows you to mark a match done (as requested by Angel). Once you’ve marked a bet, it’ll mark matches on the advice pages to make it clear you’ve already read it.

On the previous advice page it’ll highlight the matches you said you placed a bet, then you can check your results.

View the screenshots below of the new updates


Bug fixing and tweaks

This update contains around 1000 modified lines of code including a host of other small amends and fixes. We’ll keep working to improve the site, just keep sending in your suggestions and let us know if you spot any bugs via the contact form or any of our social media channels.


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