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Dev Diary: Mobile Support Added

Posted 2nd November 2015 By: para    247 Views

Screenshot_2015-10-14-01-10-53Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 15.01.50Mobile support was planned from day one, we just couldn’t quite get the time to do it. What we’ve launched this morning isn’t groundbreaking, but it is a necessary update. What we’ve launched today is a barebones mobile version which we can expand on and improve over time.

Giving you access to CSGOHUB on your mobile device means you don’t have to stick to your desktop PC to view the site.

Mobile Notifications

Combine this with the Mobile Notifications and you’re kept on the pulse of betting predictions for CS:GO. Just viewing the site on the homepage should bring up a popup allowing you to activate the notifications.

Mobile Shortcuts

If you want to gain even quicker access to the predictions, just add a simple shortcut to your mobile dashboard, here’s how:

Homepage shortcut for: Apple IOS – Android – Windows (bottom of post)



As always, if you spot a bug with the site or have some better ideas. Just use the feedback tool on the side of the window or the contact form in the footer to let us know.


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