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Fulltime focus and development of

Posted 13th November 2015 By: para    328 Views

What we’ve already achieved has been amazing since the early days of last year. I’ve been involved in redeveloping the existing site and introducing the premium area.

Everything we’ve achieved has been during our evenings after work and weekends. As the site has grown we’ve had to work harder and harder to manage the site alongside our normal day job.

So today – after a painfully long 30 day notice period – Para and I are leaving our jobs as a developers at a web agency outside London (which I’ve held for the last 5 years) in order to move full time onto CSGOHUB, it’s a risk we’re taking and an investment we’re making but we’re confident we can maximise the site with the extra time available.

We’re aiming to make this site as valuable as possible for you with plans for new site features, more giveaways, better marketing and ultimately a leaner, slicker service.

  • DerMaxy

    Good luck guys!

  • siegelpeapod2

    Which means more people buy premium!


Written by para

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