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RGN Pro Series Overview

Posted 16th November 2015 By: para    195 Views

RGN Pro Series LAN Overview

The Teams:

  • CSGO Lounge Gaming
  • Counter Logic Gaming
  • Team Liquid Enemy
  • Winterfox Cloud9
  • compLexity CLG Red
  • Games Academy Luminosity Gaming
  • Method SKDC
  • Renegades Nexus
  • Nexus Storm Torqued

The Stakes:
The RGN Pro Series LAN is a $30,000 LAN with 16 teams fighting for a top 4 payout. The 1st place team with win $15,000, 2nd place will win $8,000, 3rd place wins $3,500 and 4th wins the last $1,500. Keep in mind that this LAN takes place between two much bigger LANs, IBP happening before and IEM happening soon after. This will play a huge role in who will be showing up and who will most likely be turning on autopilot and cruising past this tournament. Many of these teams are lesser known or have rarely had a chance to play against some of the higher profile teams. They may view this as a chance to not only measure themselves against the top tier of NA, gain some experience and possibly gain some fans.
Because of the large amount of teams and the how little LAN info there is for many of these teams, I will not dedicate a section to each team. Instead I will be grouping them together and giving my general thoughts and opinions on their performances.

The Unmotivated Kings
• Cloud 9
• Luminosity Gaming
• Team Liquid
These three teams are standing at the top of the NA scene right now and would be consider far-and-away the favorites to win the whole thing, that is, they would be if the IEM San Jose was not this coming weekend. The IEM LAN is a much higher profile LAN with a much larger payout. It is also an international LAN, so these NA teams have a chance to play against some strong European teams and test their strats and teamwork. It would be a good opportunity to see how they stack up against the euros. That is not even considering the fact these teams have already made some money off of the IBP LAN and will more likely than not, want to take a short break to try and rest for IEM and/or hide strats for IEM.
The one exception may be Cloud 9 however. Seangares will not be attending the tournament and instead, Swag, the banned former-IBP player, will be standing in. Swag was known as an extremely powerful NA rifler and was one of the best players NA had to offer. It is hard to say if Swag will take this opportunity to flex his old muscles, or if C9 are merely doing this out of obligation and Swag will not be trying too hard.

The IBP Wildcards

  • Counter Logic Gaming
  • compLexity
  • Renegades
  • Winterfox

These four teams also attended the IBP LAN, but did not achieve much there. CLG probably wanted to fill that last spot at IEM for a chance to play for the big bucks, but fell short. CompLexity had a decent showing surprising a lot of people, but they didn’t make it out of their groups and failed to win any money. Renegades showed some fight early on and seem motivated by all the naysayers to perform well at this tournament, but also fell short of placing in the money. Winterfox was just plain bad this tournament. Overall, these are a mish-mash group of teams whose motivations range from money to pride to revenge and in my opinion, will all want to show up for this tournament, if not for the money, then for a chance to show what they are actually capable of.
Out of all of these teams, Renegades are probably the most motivated. Spunj had said that he, and by extension probably the team, were annoyed at all the negative comments their team was getting from the NA fans despite their lack of resources. This will be the second LAN they will play in after a decent hiatus from the pro scene and they will want to show up here if they want to show NA who they really are after falling short at IBP. CompLexity had a decent showing at IBP with a surprisingly close game against Liquid and crushing Conquest, but they still couldn’t make it into the money. They will want to ride this small momentum they have built to try and win some money for themselves in this tournament. CLG is the biggest wildcard for me. CLG have always been a team that runs on emotion. They are good when they are feeling confident, but then they lose a few rounds and begin to tilt. They have beaten teams that were better than them, but also have lost to teams they shouldn’t have i.e. Renegades at IBP. After not making it to IEM it is tough to say how they are feeling or if they are even motivated to play in the RGN LAN. Be careful with your bets on CLG. And finally Winterfox. They confuse me to no end, they have a lot of potential in their lineup, but they just seem to be out-strated and out-gunned against any NA team they go up against. That being said, they will be playing against much lower level teams in this LAN, so they have a shot at making some money here after their poor showing at IBP.

Big Threats

  • Lounge Gaming
  • Games Academy
  • Enemy

These three teams are the ones you need to watch out for in this tourney as I expect them to make a big impact. There is not much that needs to be said about Lounge Gaming, they have shown themselves to be a solid team in Europe and have been playing well since they were picked up by CSGO Lounge. When it comes to ability, they are probably slightly ahead of even C9, Liquid and Luminosity on their good days. I’m sure these top-tier NA teams would need to try pretty hard if they wanted to pull out wins against Lounge. And compared to the rest of the teams? They are a tier or two ahead of them. Expect them to be overdogs in most of the games they play and also to win most, if not all of their maps. Games Academy is an up and coming Brazilian squad hoping to make it big. So far they have shown some good online results against some of the tier-3 and tier-2 NA teams, but this is their chance to play at a LAN where the top tier are going to be playing. They will have that same Brazilian spirit that makes LG into one of the big threats in NA and their players are decent so expect them to pull some wins out as underdogs here. Now Enemy has also hovered on the edge of becoming a great NA team. They have some good players and some good teamwork, but they just fall short when it comes to fragging ability and experience. They have put up some good results against higher tier NA teams and have pretty much secured wins against teams that are lower than them. They may use this as a chance to put themselves firmly on the map.

The Rest

  • CLG Red
  • Method
  • SKDC
  • Nexus
  • Nexus Storm
  • Torqued

The teams in this group are the rest of the pack. There isn’t much to be said here. These teams are either tiers below the other teams above or don’t have enough data to make a solid estimate at their level. CLG Red only really show up at LANs so it is hard to really pinpoint their level. SKDC has had more online showings, but are inconsistent at best. Method does play quite a bit, but have had really lackluster results. Nexus and Nexus Storm? Never heard of ‘em. But Torqued is an interesting beast. We have twitch personality m0E who has been bouncing around a few of these lower tiers teams in the past, and even had tryouts with some of the better teams, but has never really broken that barrier. Steel has been in a top tier team in the past, IBuyPower, but it has been awhile since he has played at a LAN this size or skill level. It will be interesting to see if he can still perform and call strats possibly. Overall a difficult thing to read, but it is hard to imagine a scenario where they make huge upsets. At the end of the day, these teams may pull some surprise victories over a team like Enemy or Winterfox, I seriously doubt they will upset the better teams in this tournament.

This is a really dangerous to bet on, I can see some surprise victories and horrible upsets sometime early on in the Best of Ones. So be careful on this first day of bets.

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