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Predictor Stats and Profiles Overhaul

Posted 20th December 2015 By: para    275 Views

Today we’ve released an update which has been long overdue….

Detailed predictor profiles

Hit rates, biggest underdogs and month by month stats. 

We’ve had countless requests to release this information officially and we’ve seen quite a few guys in the steam group or around the web tracking our predictors advice and trying to work out the hit rate.

Now, if you go to our ‘Who we are‘ page or click through from the avatars on the prediction you’ll see something like the screenshot below:

Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 14.43.15

This gives you a clearer understanding of how the predictors stack up against each other. Each one has their own personality – they are real people – and betting style so their stats will differ, as will the games they cover.

A lot of the hold-up in releasing this update was in deciding between the importance of hit-rate vs yield.

Hit Rate = Correct Predictions / Total Predictions

Yield = Total Profit or Loss / Stake

We’d originally looked to use Yield as the key indicator, however, soon realised that this alone presents a false view of our site. We cover as many games as possible, in a perfect world we’d have something to say about every game on CSGO Lounge. The trouble with this strategy of full coverage is that only a mad-man would bet on every game going and expect to make a profit.

To maximise your Yield (profit) you’d pick and choose your games, maybe as few as a couple per week, looking for key underdogs to get the most out of your return.

So instead, we’re focused on hit rate with incentives in place for our predictors when they make good underdog calls. This means we can cover the bulk of the matches and at any time of the day you can get reassurance on where to place your bet. However, premium members can keep an eye our for another new feature…

Hot Picks

“Hot Picks” allows us to focus in on only the best games of the day, where the biggest returns are possible. This is much closer to the real world of betting by only selecting the games with the biggest returns and the minimal risk.

This only displays for premium members, keep a look out for the ‘Official Hot Pick’ text on the match pages.

Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 15.03.40



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