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Major Update: Community Predictions & Bet Tracking

Posted 20th January 2016 By: para    214 Views

We’ve shipped another big update, something we’ve wanted to introduce to the site since launch. CSGOHUB has a huge following of experienced bettors, we don’t try to force our opinions on you and give you predictions, tools and stats to help you make your own decision on which way to bet. Today’s update contains four main elements; tracking your bets, make your own predictions and view other members predictions and building a dependable list of community predictors.

Bet Tracking

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Tracking your bets helps you keep an eye on the overall picture each day. With the lounge odds constantly moving through the day it’s easy to take your eye off the ball and what was a brilliant underdog is now a worthless risk.

A new section added underneath the predictions allows you to select the team to win, and get instant feedback of how much return you’ll get from your stake.

Use the slider to adjust your stake, confirm the bet when you’re ready. You can cancel your bet at anytime if you don’t think it’s worth it anymore (you can’t do this on lounge).

Viewing Community Bets

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The section to the right of this will display other members predictions as they’re placing their bets. Each user gains a rank based on their betting performance, as time rolls on we’ll refine this ranking system to ensure that these guys are the best of the best.

The top 20 community predictors who have made a call on this match will be displayed showing their bet size (a percentage of their inventory from 1% to 20%) and the team they’ve picked (Team A logo or Team B).

Rankings & Inventories

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Each time you place a bet we’ll give you’ll be working from your personal inventory. For now, everyone starts with $100, as you track your bets, we’ll also track your winnings and losses. After only a few days you’ll start to build up a list of your bets placed tracking your performance.

You can also visit to see the top community tipsters recent bets.


—– Note from Lex ————————- 

So it’s a big update and one that’s going to take a while to settle down. For now, enjoy tracking your bets and competing for the top tipster position but don’t go ‘all in’ following the highest ranked community predictor just yet. With so few community bets to consider it’s likely that a key underdog could get you to the top of the rankings overnight.


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