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Developer Diary: March

Posted 3rd March 2016 By: para    197 Views

What have we been up to?

The biggest workload came from Dota2Hub, launching this site required reworking the CSGOHUB code and slotting it on top of another game. This actually went quicker and easier than we’d expected so we’ve been able to run a lot of reworking and optimisations into the setup for Dota2Hub, whilst not all of it can be applied to CSGOHUB straight away, the updates will come soon enough – once we’ve switched to a new faster server setup later in the month.

The rest of the work has been behind the scenes, the site continues to grow, which is great, but with 2 million hits each month we’re getting the ‘one in a million’ bug every two weeks. The growing pains require a lot of revisiting of old code and reworking it.

Alongside this, you may have noticed some of the other updates to come up on CSGOHUB:

  • We’ve reformatted the match page, reducing the empty space and more making it more user friendly.
  • A freetrial option for new users (sign in and enter “TRY72” here)
  • The premium giveaway page got an overhaul
  • Tipster rank icons added to highlight the difference between the top and the bottom of the pack (sorry if you’re now a silver)
  • A ton of other tweaks and fixes you probably wouldn’t have seen

What’s planned for March?

Consolidation, we’ve expanded to two sites quickly, now’s a good time to run back through and make sure both sites are running sweetly.

Hopefully, we can get the following work done in March, can’t promise but this is what’s expected:

  • New tools for predictors to help get predictions up earlier with clearer betting strategies
  • new server is the big one, the new setup is a lot faster with far less expected downtime.
  • An update to the chrome/mobile notifications, making them more reliable and also offering us more
  • Team rosters (this went live this morning)
  • Match maps and scores
  • A better match chat


Written by para

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