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Posted 11th March 2016 By: para    476 Views

Today’s update is an exciting one, preemptive odds based predictions. Previously we’ve had issue/complaints about predictions being posted too late, or for ‘not playing the odds’. The truth is, our predictors are playing the odds, but the predictors written explanation didn’t quite match up to our very simplified recommendation which was on show to the right of the text.


In the example above the call for a “large on EWolves” creates a very simple picture of how to bet. But realistically, if the odds go above 80%, it’s not worth risking your skins for a few cents (unless you’re a high roller), you’d be better off either skipping or placing an ICB instead.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 21.37.39The new layout (shown above on the right) allows our predictors to lay out a plan early on. In this example, the first choice bet for the predictor would be to place a very small bet on Galatics. It’s still high risk and only pays off if the odds stay below 35%.

If the lounge odds change and go above 35%, the recommendation will move to option 2, option 1 will be minimised and option 2 will show as the recommended bet. This time option 2 is a bigger bet but still only 5% on NR, again though, this is only worthwhile if the odds stay below 60%.

If all else fails, and the odds keep increasing for NR above 60%, then there’s enough doubt in the predictors mind that it’s not worth the risk, and a skip is called. Save your skins for another match.

This means our predictions can go up ahead of the odds, with a plan laid out for you to follow and understand.

For the best results possible:

  • Place your bet as late as possible
  • Watch the odds
  • Use the odds tracker to preempt which way the odds are moving as the match get’s closer.
  • Skip is definitely good advice, if you really want to throw skins away, donate them to the giveaway site
  • Use the match chat, start a conversation, the more people talking, the more aware you’ll all be.


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