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New: Match Overview Bar & Team Profiles

Posted 27th April 2016 By: para    277 Views

Match Overview Bar

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The match overview bar appears on any match pages, starting below the team lineups header it’ll then stick inside the top of the browser window as you scroll further down the page.

Teams, odds, time to start, format and predictions. Each match will have realtime information, meaning you don’t have to refresh the page to stay on top of the odds for every game on csgolounge.

Team Profiles & Stats

One of the areas which has been neglected over the months since launching, was the team profiles. Mainly because we were waiting to team up with some sort of stats provider to give us the information. What I hadn’t really counted on was just how many matches we’re already recording on CSGOHUB. We’re covering 99% of the major CS:GO games out there, and we know the results. So whilst this update doesn’t include the maps or scores (which is something we’re still hopeful to cover). It does cover the win rates versus teams or in particular events.


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