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Posted 30th April 2016 By: para    173 Views

We need premium members to keep the business afloat, but we really need free members to help the site grow and expand our followers. This has been really tricky to balance. Pleasing everyone has been a hard task but we’re hoping the new line of changes recently can help to restore faith in CSGOHUB and ensure we’re the go-to site for CS:GO betting advice and predictions.

We’ve made a lot of changes to the site to balance out the difference between the free matches and the premium matches. Ensuring that there’s something to see when you’re new to the site but also a more fulfilled experience when you signup to go premium.

What we’ve changed

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 17.31.57We want to ensure that we’re still a useful site for you, even if you’re not paying. We’re switching up what we display for tier 1 games. We’re limiting the number of predictions visible to non-members of tier-1 games to only one prediction (the first prediction posted), in exchange for limiting these predictions, all matches will have the basic team stats and rosters available to view.

Why? partly to ensure we’re available as a resource for everyone but also as we’ve found that many users are confused by multiple predictions or advice. This contradicts the opinion of the more experienced bettors who say that they want information from as many sources as possible.

So the line we’ve drawn is to have casual bettors as our free users, and the more serious bettors looking for multiple opinions and a wider array of information can access the full package on CSGOHUB.

Real time focus on premium members

Since time is of the essence for premium members, we’re introducing more and more real-time tools to ensure you’re not missing anything vital to your bets.

This week sees the inclusion of the ‘Matches Quickviewer bar’ (catchy name pending), there are more details of this here. This falls inline with other updates such as the realtime community tipsters – pulling in the latest predictions from the community.

We want your feedback. 

We want to hear from you, let us know how we can improve in the steam group so we can discuss new features that will help make you profit.


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