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Posted 10th May 2016 By: para    236 Views

We’ve moved around some of the content on CSGOHUB hopefully make it easier to access what you need.

The crux of the changes are…

Betting Advice = Predictions

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 14.17.36

The ‘Betting Advice’ page is now used to show the match predictions. 

This betting advice page was trying to serve two jobs, to show a list of all matches, but also to give emphasis to the matches with predictions available. It was too subtle to first time users (red background meant free, who knew?) and too inconcise for users looking to go straight for predictions

Past Predictions = All Matches

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 14.18.18

The ‘Past Predictions’ page shows a list of all matches past, present and future. 

We know a lot of our users are here for more than just our predictions, so we’ve made it easier to access all the matches currently on lounge via the ”All Matches” button in the main navigation. This will allow you to access every match and view it’s detailed stats, rosters, predictions and all the other glorious features of the match pages.


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