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Odds tracking graphs updated

Posted 14th May 2016 By: para    551 Views

Quick update today, the odds tracking graphs have been updated (premium only). After CSGO lounge’s odds API went down I’ve had to scramble for an alternative setup since we couldn’t get the data through the same setup anymore.

Rather than removing the feature, I thought I’d expand it. Taking it right back to a blank pen and pencil I thought, what do we really want this feature to do. I came up with the following requirements:

  • Work for more than just Lounge odds
  • To continuously update in realtime
  • Switch to a users preferred odds format
  • Sit front and centre with the rest of the odds details but only when required

So despite taking a few days extra than the quick fix. I’ve managed to hit all those targets in one. You’re welcome.


The odds providers shown are just an example from companies we hope to welcome back to us soon.

It’ll take a little while for the current matches to build up their tracking stats. Any bugs or issues, let me know in the comments or on any of our other channels – Twitter, Facebook, Steam or on the contact form – the sooner I know about an issue the sooner I can fix it.



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