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Recently I was approached by a new service to the CS:GO Skin Selling industry and they kindly asked if I would write a review based on my experience on there website.

Nowadays more and more people are involved in the gaming industry. Professional gamers, streamers, bloggers and publishers has flooded this niche so intensive that now it attracts marketers, business owners and developers who extend the gaming sphere to a whole new level. Multiple projects are created for gamers to make their lives easier and more profitable as they play their favorite games.

A huge and attractive homeland for many users was created by Steam in Counter Strike. Many social features and of course, a chance to make money with your own skills. Tons of skins, badges, collectables are being dropped for free for every player. And of course they are traded! Later CSGOLounge was created to serve gamers as a trading platform for in-game items. Then OPSkins appeared providing a possibility to buy and sell CS:GO skins to other people and gain some money in return.

Few months ago a new service for CS:GO players was released – It’s a simple website, where users can sell their items without waiting for weeks unlike they do on other services. The idea and the purpose of is quite clear – to help users to get rid of extra items in their inventory and receive an instant payout.

There are a lot of services where gamers can sell skins for money like OPSkins, Skinxchange, R2pleasent, Gamerall, etc. But what makes so special? All popular trading services make their users wait for a week or two to complete the transaction process and pay, but offers instant payments for the skins. This message is stated very clear by the main trigger of the website – “Get Cash Now” button. So is it really “instant” and “get cash now”? To check this statement we’ve decided to perform a test of our own.

We’ve logged in via Steam to view the skins in the inventory. The next step is to paste a Trade URL (there’s a tip where to get the Trade URL if someone gets confused). Finally the inventory loads and we can choose the skins we’d like to sell. We’ve decided to risk about $15 to test this service, so after picking out the skins we could see


Clearly the prices are a bit lower than on Steam, but nothing surprising so far and especially with instant payouts. Then there’s a payment method choice. As for now, these are Paypal, VISA, Mastercard, Bitcoin and Webmoney.

The support representative informed us about the minimum deal price $1 or €1 for Paypal, Webmoney,Bitcoin, $12 – for VISA and Mastercard payouts. All fees are covered by the service except for VISA and Mastercard payments.

The next step is accepting a trade offer with a bot, when we gave away the skins. Then we’ve waited for a couple of minutes for confirmation and an actual payout to Paypal. The verification letter stated:


Overall experience of is satisfactory. We’ve sold the skins by making several clicks and received money in 2 minutes. Their FAQ section is very informative and detailed, there are some Trustpilot reviews from customers, 24/7 live chat. Please mind that is on its Beta so there can be delays in payouts but live chat support is always eager to help and speed up the payment (these guys respond really quicky by the way and they can walk you through the whole process).

So if you don’t want to wait for weeks to receive your money – try using, there’s a big chance this skin selling service will not disappoint you.


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