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Dev Diary: Tipster Updates Galore!

Posted 26th July 2016 By: para    161 Views

developer-diary-posterWhat a month! This has been the toughest and most hectic of my life. From the outside it’s been service as normal but from my perspective, it’s been tough. Hopefully nobody noticed, but we had a crunch on the server before the majors started, so a lot of the backend of the site was rewritten and optimised to keep it running as light as possible. This was alongside a focus on the finishing, testing and fine tuning of the jackpot system ready for launch. When it was finally ready, it launched straight into a maelstrom of confusion with the Valve notice to gambling sites. Despite the months of hard work, we’ve had to shelve the project for now until we’ve got a clearer understanding of Valve. Fortunately, that time wasn’t wasted, we’ve got something pretty cool rising from the ashes of that. More on that later!

In the latter half of July, I’ve managed to get back to some of my favourite work, the community tipsters! We’re having a big push to get better community involvement in CSGOHUB, we’ve got some awesome tipsters who’ve really taken care of their betting to rise through the ranks. So these latest updates are aimed at you guys…

Tipster Profile Redesign

The tipster profiles have had a nice new redesign (props to Para for the design), before they were pretty stat heavy, now they’ve got a nice new top half (the bottom half will be redesigned soon).

More importantly tho, they now have customisable features

  • Change your name
  • Change your avatar
  • Add biography text
  • Add Social Media Links
  • Show a link to your steam profile
  • Show a link to your steam inventory (this is attached to the steam login, so our tipsters can’t link to fake profiles)
  • Show a comments box to get feedback from other CSGOHUB users

For a full list of the changes checkout the annotated screenshot below…

Tipster Rankings Updated

We’ve also updated the Tipster Rankings, the leaderboard is now ranked purely on profits – the previous algorithm was too complex and confusing – and features ALL our users who have tried out the bet tracker, so even if you’re ranked 2000th, you can see yourself rise through the ranks as your performance increases.

If you’re new to CSGOHUB and want to give it a try, use freetrial code ‘TRY5‘ for a five day trial on us.

New Key Payment Structure

No longer do you have to renew every month with keys, we’ve now setup a bulk-buy discount on key payments. You can try us out for 10 days with 1 key or for a limited time you can get a years worth of premium access for just 14 keys! That’s almost 1 key per month!  Signup now

New Comments System

You may have noticed our chat died, sadly it looks like it’s unable to respawn as the service provider has gone out of business! So I’ve done some quick updates to replace this with a Disqus chat. On the bright side it looks much nicer and you’re already logged into it. Personally I think it’s also much more usable for match chat as you can raise single points and discuss each one, rather than the previous chat which was easily changed to a different conversation.

We’ll keep looking for any better alternatives.

Feedback required

We always want to hear from you, so let me know if you have any ideas or find any bugs which you think could improve CSGOHUB!

Talk to us on Social Media, the Steam Group or by using the feedback tool on the side of the website.


Written by para

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