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Tipster Awards June/July: Winners

Posted 16th July 2016 By: para    3155 Views

Our first tipster awards kicked off with an awesome number of entries and some fierce competition with some pretty impressive profits.

There were several members who narrowly missed out on the prizes as they hadn’t passed the minimum 20 bets required to qualify.


1st Place:
Lifetime premium access to CSGOHUB


35 bets to gain +273.15 profit during this period

2nd Place:
1 years premium access to CSGOHUB


87 bets to gain +175.39 profit during this period

3rd Place:
1 years premium access to CSGOHUB


72 bets to gain +173.57 profit during this period

4th – 10th Place: 1 month premium access to CSGOHUB

4th: Anzatzu: 79 bets, +169.41

5th: Zick, 66 bets, +163.83

6th pm_the_mouse, 52 bets, +146.06

7th LoneHog, 71 bets, +145.13

8th GAGADU Seywut, 103 bets, +138.03

9th Kami, 29 bets, +132.36

10th Jon, 18 bets, +127.3

  • pmthemouse

    Well Shit I just gave up a while ago, I thought I was done for as it said I was in 30th place. Could’ve maybe got 3rd if I kept going. Thanks csgohub for the premium!

  • Lex

    There’s always an early surge as people try going large on underdogs. Keeping that up for 20 bets is almost impossible so their profits will plummet over time. Betting smart and consistently is best.

  • Kami

    Let’s see Lex, I’ll start listing my bets again. Think I’m finally done tilting over liquid now. Thanks for the month of sub 🙂

  • Wow, I was $4 away from a years sub. >_>


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