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Top Tipster Awards!

Posted 16th July 2016 By: para    185 Views

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 13.39.49Since we launched the bet tracker/community tipster functionality, we’ve been amazed at how many people not only used the tools, but also religiously track each and every bet. As a result we’ve got an awesome mix of betting styles & strategies across almost all matches available.

We want to encourage more of you to really push yourselves to be the best tipster out there. So for the next 30 days, we’re running a ‘Top Tipster Award’.


Leaderboard updates automatically every hour. Leaderboard is calculated with fixed stakes between $1 & $20. e.g. 4% small bet = $4 regardless of inventory size 

How to enter

As a premium member, use the bet tracker to track your bets (or just play for fun). The top 30 rankings will be shown above.


The prize will be free access to CSGOHUB, awarded as follows:

1st: 1 years premium access to CSGOHUB
2nd & 3rd: 3 months…
4th – 10th: 1 month…


  • Starts 16th July
  • Ends 31st August
  • Must place over 20 bets during this period

Past Winners

June/July: Pilato 35 bets, +273.15 profit.


Written by para

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