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Real Money Websites

So first off is the obvious one of course, real money websites. There is pros and cons to sites such as this, and I will give you guys a list of sites that I know are reliable and what not, however by no means is it a complete list of sites as there are hundreds of other sites like this.
Bitcoin / Skrill / Credit Cards etc – View our get started writeup for Fanobet
Skrill / Credit Cards etc
PayPal / Skrill / Credit Cards etc – View our get started writeup for bet365
PayPal / Credit Cards etc
PayPal / Skrill / Credit Cards
PayPal / Skrill / Credit Cards / Netteller
Bitcoin / PayPal / Skrill / Credit Cards etc
Skrill / Credit Cards etc
Skrill / Netteller / Credit Cards etc


Now, I won’t be able to tell you the exact laws for every single country in existence, however I can run down the basics. Real money betting is not legal in every country out there, for those where it is legal you’ll also have to be over 18 to do any form of betting (for some countries it’s 21), you’re responsible for swatting up on your local laws. You are best off Googling your country and seeing what betting laws they have. Also make sure to see if you have to pay taxes on winnings to the Government and what not. This is not skin betting, this is regulated, make sure to carefully research your countries laws to prevent getting into any sort of trouble. If you start getting some major successes in real money betting you’ll need to take taxes into account too, but this is a good problem to have!

Here I found a useful link which can be useful for you guys.

General Thoughts

So to close this up I will give out a few other small tips and just talk about what I think about skin betting essentially being done, as it seems at the moment.  This all essentially means there will be less bettors, however that is for the better because the majority of people who will not be able to bet anymore are ones that shouldn’t be due to age, or country they are from or whatever, basically illegal gambling is cut down. Also, if you are from one of the places that can use sites like these, it was stupid to use skins initially I must say. When winning with skins and wanting to cashout, you have to pay about 35% tax on every withdraw because of selling the skins for real money, that is ridiculous. With these sites, if I am transferring funds to PayPal I am literally losing 2%. With now wisening up and using these sort of sites, I am saving 33% on every cashout I make, that is massive.  So overall, the scene will struggle a bit since numbers will go down and what not, probably more throws to raise money by scumbags and what not, however still, if you can still bet, this should be better for you long term. Overall, satisfied, CSGO betting by no means is dead, not at all.

Some quick tips, most of you will be coming over from Lounge, they used percentages as odds, this is a good website to convert odds as most websites do not have percentage odds.

The odds on real money sites are not bad at all. Sure when Lounge used to take 0% tax sure their odds did not seem that appealing, but for some time now even Lounge has been taking tax, and if you compare Lounge rewards to Bet365 for example, often times one or the other is slightly better or they are the same, so no , the odds are not horrible.

Real money sites tend to limit your account if you keep winning, as you are not profitable for them. By limit I mean your max bet amount, so it is a smart idea to make accounts on multiple sites.



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