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eSports Betting Guide: Bet365

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How to use Bet365

Each site will be different to some extent, but bet365 is similar enough to most that this guide applies to many others, for a full list of esports betting sites, see our list here.

You can deposit via several different methods, PayPal, Skrill, Credit card or others. You don’t need use ID to deposit, for Bet365 at least, however when you want to withdraw your winnings, you WILL need to provide ID.

First step. Register for a new account. Whilst you’re not required to load ID straight away, I’d recommend it, since you’re gonna win, right? think positive. Try not to get suckered into the ‘goals’ they set you, like doubling your money, they’re hard to win and pull you away from your own tried & tested betting style.

Second step. Deposit. Now once you get all that up and going, you will be greeted by, I will admit a rather confusing interface, Bet365 really could improve on it, but you’ll get used to it. So basically what you need to do is deposit. Now you can pick the deposit method of your choice, each has their own time duration, believe Bank Account takes like 1-2 working days, I use PayPal because well…it’s instant (except on cashouts).

Third step. Betting.

So alright, you got an account, with credit loaded up, ready to win a million, what now? Well you have to use this menu on the left.


Since CSGOHUB is an eSports site, I’ll assume you’re all looking to bet on eSports, so select ‘E-Sports’ from the list above.

Bet365 doesn’t make the best use of their Esports section compared to their other sport ones, however understandable, other sports bring in a lot more profit. So you will basically see a mess, it is like every single Esport put together, not even like Dota – CSGO – LoL – StarCraft or something, instead it can be Dota – CsGO – Dota – Dota – Dota – CSGO – LoL – LoL – CSGO depending how many tournaments there are going on.

You’ll need to find the tournament you want to bet on, or if you have no idea what tournament the match is a part of or what tournaments are even going on just want to bet on a match, click on any CSGO ‘’2 way or 3 way’’ option. Once you click that, you will be able to see all the possible matches in that tournament, and if it is a BO3, it is a 3way and you bet on Team A, Tie or Team B, the ‘’X way’’ is only the bet type, just like all the other types you see such as Map handicap, Map 1 winner etc.

So this is what you will see…


…and if you want to simply bet on winner, click the match Winner 2/3 way, depending if it is a BO2 or not and you will see this…


… this should now feel familiar to what most of you are used to with csgolounge or other sites.

Now if you want to place a bet, pretty simple, just click on the bet you want to make (in the screenshot below, we click on GODSENT 5.50) and on the right hand side a new menu will appear, in here, simply enter the amount and click ‘Place Bet’ and you are done.


Step 4. Bets in progress.

Some matches have a “Cash out” option which appears mostly on the big matches. What this does,  is if you have placed a bet, you can cashout before the match has started or during the match. Depending how well your team is playing (based on the score) they will offer you amounts to cashout, this will be a lower amount than your deposit so you can salvage something if the bet starts going the wrong way.

If it is a lesser known match and you can not cashout, just click “Unsettled” or “Live now” to see what active bets you have.

Step 5. After the match.

Once the match is over, if you lost, well rip the money, if you have won, then the money will be in your total balance shortly.

Step 6. Withdrawals

Now if you want to withdraw, this is pretty straight forward. On the top right hand corner of the site click “Services” and followed by “Withdraw” as seen here…


The process is quite simple and straight forward, just enter the amount you want to withdraw, and wait.

Important to note: It will cashout to the method that you deposited with, unless unavailable for whatever reason, I believe they are meant to do this by law. You’ll also have needed to load your ID prior to withdrawing

With Bet365 PayPal cashouts you have to wait 1 working day or less, with bank account and what not it is longer, like 2-5 days. For a full list on how long it takes to deposit/Withdraw go here the way you actually deposit, at least with Paypal is really easy, you just enter the amount and email and you are all good to go, same with withdrawls.

Each site will be different to some extent, but bet365 is similar enough to most that this guide applies to many others, for a full list of esports betting sites, see our list here.


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