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eSports Betting Guide: Fanobet

Posted 19th August 2016 By: para    720 Views

Fanobet is the likely choice for users moving away from the deceased CSGOlounge, as it is really well known amongst CSGO bettors and most probably already have money/accounts on it, I will break down how to use it. It’s pretty simple, not much different compared to Bet365, however I like Fanobet because it started off with CSGO and it cares about CSGO, these other sites? No not really, they are more into mainstream sports.

Fanobet will give you more live bet games at possibly better odds and just all around will have better customer support around eSports users. Now got to stress that Fanobet does NOT offer skin betting anymore, their bots began getting shut down so if you had skins on Fanobet, they have been transferred to Bitcoin automatically which is a really nice thing of them to do, especially since they gave you 65%. That being said, it is now a real money betting site or/And Bitcoin, not too shabby at all.

How to use the site

First Step. Register They give you the option to sign in with Steam however I wouldn’t recommend that, easier yes, but then you have to enter in information later on such as name, address etc, so it is just delaying the inevitable. So sign up, enter your name and what not, pretty simple registration process really.

Second Step. Deposit. Once you have signed up, you need to deposit essentially so click ‘’Deposit’’ and you will be greeted with this screen.


Nitrogen eSports

I prefer real money and will not be covering Bitcoin, however if you are into Bitcoin We’ve also created a bitcoin article here. So in my scenario, I click the real money option, unfortunately they do not accept PayPal, but they do have Skrill which is very similar and they also have NETELLER so not too shabby at all, so basically you will be greeted by this screen.


Click your preferred way of depositing, enter the required info and you are good to go.

Step 3. Bet. Once you have money and you wish to bet, on the left you can see all the possible sports you can bet on, as seen here.


I like how the Esports options are first, and that is what I mean by Fanobet originating from Esports. So basically, I personally click CSGO and you can already see how much better this is sorted compared to other sites and what not, just a lot cleaner.


You can also click the red number and it will give you more betting options, like precise score, a lot cleaner than Bet365 for example.


So lets say I want to bet Selfless to win the series 2:0, I click the red number, pick the bet option for Selfless to win 2:0 and you will see that on the bottom right, a new menu comes up where you can see your reward based on your bet amount as can be seen here


Step 4. Bets in Progress.

If you’re watching the match and the game isn’t going the way you expected, Fanobet has a cashout option on some matches (more than Bet365 for sure) so you can get some of your stake back.

There are also live betting options. So you can add new bets once the game has started.

Step 5. Withdrawing… tbc

Since the crackdown on skin betting, Fanobet have had to make some drastic changes to their system, their withdrawal system is due to be finalised any day. We’ll update this article when we have more information.

Each site will be different to some extent, but Fanobet is similar enough to most that this guide applies to many others, for a full list of esports betting sites, see our list here.


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