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The future of eSports betting is bright

Posted 31st August 2016 By: para    230 Views

I’m pretty surprised to see such a strong reaction of ‘betting is dead’ just because Lounge went down. We get a lot of reactions like that whenever we post on twitter/steam etc. What’s interesting is that this couldn’t be further from the truth.

We went to the ICE Gaming Exhibition (casino/betting not video gaming) back in early February and spoke to betting companies about eSports. Some hadn’t heard of it, or if they had, it was on their radar but they had no immediate plans, one company started making far reaching plans of how Para and I could become their ‘eeee-sports’ advisors. However the key feedback form the majority said that they couldn’t get into eSports as no other betting companies were involved yet (a chicken/egg scenario), therefore there were no odds available for them to set themselves against.

Six months later and the wave of new betting companies such as fanobet, egb etc who specialise in eSports have paved the way for the well-established sports betting companies to safely start stepping in.

The momentum of sites will only increase now, as each betting company increases it’s trust in the sports as their competitors flood to the scene. These companies will move slow, they can’t ‘pop up’ a new website overnight like we’ve become used to (for better and worse). The decision to look into eSports alone might take 6 months.

However, once they arrive, they mean business and could be the key to pushing CSGO and other games to new heights. Just think of the new audience CSGO could receive as a company like William Hill or Paddy Power starts putting up banners across their site advertising the next majors.

In the hole left by lounge, there are hundreds of betting sites who have already been busy behind the scenes to grab the market. William Hill has the same amount of traffic as Lounge, but with completely new users waiting in the wings who are yet to discover CSGO. As these new users start coming in, it just secures CSGO’s future more and more.

What makes this change even more sweet, is that these companies have a far more to offer than Lounge ever could. Live betting, multiple markets (first kill, winner first map etc), as well as better security and shit-hit-fan recovery. By law any real-money betting sites are regulated and have to insure your money, so if they’re hacked or something goes awry, you’re covered.

I’ve added a list of the options for betting sites out there at the moment. The list below comes from the csgohub betting guide.
Bitcoin / Skrill / Credit Cards etc
Skrill / Credit Cards etc
PayPal / Skrill / Credit Cards etc
PayPal / Skrill / Credit Cards
PayPal / Credit Cards
PayPal / Skrill / Credit Cards / Netteller
Bitcoin / PayPal / Skrill / Credit Cards etc
Skrill / Credit Cards etc
Skrill / Netteller / Credit Cards etc

Skin betting

Yea it still exists, don’t leave your inventory here too long…

hltv (CSGOFast Bets)
Skins (ignore the dota2, they do csgo too)
Hope it helps


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