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CSGOHUB is now Tipify

Posted 14th October 2016 By: para    484 Views

After months of planning, it’s my pleasure to introduce our new brand…


Why have we changed?

CSGOHUB is a name and a brand which has worked exceptionally well for us over the past year, we love it and always will, but it’s very restrictive. We’ve got grand plans and ideas, since launching CSGOHUB we’d wanted to create similar websites for other games like Dota, Overwatch or LoL. Originally we’d planned to create these as separate websites, focused in on each game. You may or may not have noticed that since March we’ve been running Dota2Hub alongside CSGOHUB.

Running two websites stretches our limited resources (we’ve also got keybots, the swapshop and a giveaway site to manage between Para and myself), so when we decided to also cover Overwatch by the end of the year, I had to raise my white flag and surrender to the truth that this would be a bridge too far. I didn’t want the quality to slip.

So, the idea of multiple eSports on a single website became the obvious answer.

Tipify sounds provocative, but what does it mean?

A term used in betting frequently when you get advice from someone is a ‘tip’, from this you get ‘tipsters’, people who offer up their betting advice.  We thought this was important to appear in our brand and make it clear that our focus is delivering betting tips to you. So before placing a bet, you can ‘Tipify it’ and check in with us first, view tips from our analysts or any one of our 2,400+ tipsters (of varying quality, make sure you check out their profile first).

Do you need to do anything?

Nope! All existing subscriptions have been migrated over to the new domain, you shouldn’t notice any drop in service, you don’t even have to re-login.

What’s in it for you?

A better service. Keeping our eye on a small range of sites ensures we’re quicker to react to issues and can afford to spend more time on testing to ensure there’s less breakages on updates.

More options. As we introduce new eSports to Tipify, they’ll be added to your existing subscription, so whether you’re interested in Dota, CS:GO, Overwatch or all of the above, it’s the same price.

More focused development. In the past few months we’ve introduced new tipster competitions, forums, expanded tipster profiles, more subscription options, new designs and redesigns of the existing website all aimed at improving what we can do for you!

Over the next few months we’ve already lined up a host of new improvements aimed at focusing on ensuring that when you want to bet on any eSport, we can help you win by working together as a community. We want to encourage sharing of information, backed up by facts or statistics so everyone can benefit. Since lounge stepped out of the betting scene it’s no longer user vs user. It’s everyone vs the bookies.

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