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Posted 9th October 2016 By: para    601 Views

CSGO items selling has long been popular with gamers from all over the world. New sites where gamers can turn CSGO skins into real money appear almost every day. However, most of these services engaged in CSGO items buying or selling have substantial drawbacks. And sometimes one has to waste loads of time until they get cash from completing the deals.
CSGO.CASH offers the best way to solve this problem. Using our unique service you won’t need to wait anymore! Here anybody who likes playing CS:GO will get an exclusive opportunity to turn their CSGO items into cash in no time and get their money through any payment system! The whole process won’t take longer than 5 minutes. Just a few simple steps and the deal is made!
The first thing you should do to sell skins on CSGO.CASH is log into your Steam account. Second, set your Steam Trade URL for the service to show your inventory. And finally, when all your items are loaded choose those you would like to sell.
Selecting the most convenient payment system comes next. On CSGO.CASH we offer a variety of payment methods to suit all tastes: Paypal, Webmoney, VISA, Mastercard, Bitcoin, Qiwi and Privat24. The minimum trade amount is 1$, 75 RUB or 25 UAH for all kinds of payments and 25 USD, 25 EUR or 400 RUB for payments on credit cards. In all cases, commission for the money transfer is covered by the system itself excluding payouts on credit cards. Your next step, after you pick out a payment method you would like to use, will be to confirm the deal with bot that received your skins. You will see the following message:


Further, you will have to confirm the trade offer in your Steam account. After this confirmation the following message will appear:


It is high time you learn that selling csgo skins on CSGO.CASH for real money is a fast and easy process. You can get your cash instantly after selling your items!
If there are any questions left you can refer to the FAQ available on our website. In addition, we have publics in social networks, an online chat and a support team to whom you can direct your questions at any time of day and night.
Want to get money selling CSGO skins already now? Then try CSGO.CASH. You will not regret it! A minute’s wait, the deal is made!



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