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Tipster Awards Winners for September!

Posted 3rd October 2016 By: para    229 Views

This September we had a huge number of entries for the tipster awards, however, we only had 22 users manage to qualify for the competition, proving just how tricky it can be to turn a tidy profit over the course of the month.

All month long T.Swifty, Smit, and HwK- were going head to head clocking up a staggering 1072 tips between them! However as the profits were totalled up, the final prize winning 5 users stands as follows…

1st Place, $50 Steam Credit, T.Swifty with $221.75 profit from 156 bets
2nd Place, $30 Steam Credit, sMiT^ with $146.13 profit from 353 bets
3rd Place, $10 Steam Credit, yanki ♥♀ with $139.41 profit from 31 bets
4th Place, $5 Steam Credit, kuRR‘ with $114.08 profit from 28 bets
5th Place, $5 Steam Credit, with $100.62 profit from 387 bets


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October Awards

We’re running another tipster awards competition in October, the prize pool is the same, $100 to share between 5 winners. The competition is free to enter, you just need to sign in with Steam then visit any match page to record your tips. Most profitable tipsters over the course of the month win the prizes! More information and the leaderboard

Watch out for scammers!

We’ll be contacting the winners directly via email over the next 24 hours. Watch out for spammers, we’ll only contact you from a email address. We shouldn’t need to ask for any information, however, if you’re unsure, contact us directly via


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