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$2018.87 profit in 6 months from our leading tipsters in CS:GO!

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Since launching our Tipster Competition back in June 2016, we’ve had an amazing amount of tips come in on Tipify (CSGOHUB as it was known until October). None are more impressive than the statistics of our lead tipsters each month. We’ve had 6 profitable months straight thanks to the tipster competition ensuring we’re always finding the best CS:GO tipsters on the web.

November (still in progress): NitoxDoan 210 tips, +323.45
October: genius of csgo, 119 tips, +815.26 profit
September: T Swifty 156 tips, +221.75 profit
August: sMiT^ 260 tips, +385.26 profit
June/July: Pilato 35 tips, +273.15 profit

(Please note: this is not the profits from the competition stakes ( fixed stakes from 1 to 20) but from the user account stakes, this changes based on the users inventory and performance over time)

$2018.87 profit from our CS:GO Tipsters

Between them, they’ve totalled up an impressive $2018.87 in profit.

Tipify now has the largest collection of eSports tipsters anywhere on the web, with over 200 tipsters using our bet tracker to share their tips and verify and record their profits. Our aim is to ensure you have the most reliable source of CS:GO betting tips anywhere on the internet.

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If you want to become a tipster and join in the competition we’ve got a $180 prize pool for the top tipsters each month.


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