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Tipster Awards: October Winners

Posted 1st November 2016 By: para    285 Views

October saw the first ‘Tipster Awards’ under our newly rebuilt site featuring CS:GO alongside Dota 2 tipsters following the merger and rebrand to Tipify.GG.

Top CS:GO Tipsters

“Genius of CSGO” really lived up to their name, $815 profit from October (and they missed the first 10 days of the competition) is a mega haul of profit. Enough to plant them in the top 5 of the alltime tipster rankings. It was a bit of a one horse race for first place but the rest of the places were pretty close and moved around all month long!



Top Dota 2 Tipsters

With Dota 2 only making an appearance on Tipify in the final 10 days of the month we’d originally not planned to run a competition in October and instead wait for November to kick off, however, we got impatient and announced a small prize pool of $20 for October to get things rolling early on.

So the winners are:


We’ll be sending out emails contacting the winners tomorrow (watch out for scammers, we won’t be asking for anything personal, just for you to reply to confirm the email is active. We’ll always contact you and ask you to reply to an email address).

November Awards

To keep track of the awards in November, check out the ‘Tipster Awards’ page. Or, for more information on how to become an eSports tipster click here.

  • Holy crap did not expect to even place. cool!

  • Prive |CSGO500|

    yeah same! but how to redeem the prize?

    • LEX

      Check your emails 😉

      • |CSGO500|CSGORage.c

        got it! thanks 😀


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