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Posted 1st December 2016 By: para

Wondering where to bet on CSGO since lounge went down. We’re keeping a running list of options on where you can keep up your CSGO betting here:

Where to bet on CSGO

CSGO Betting is a massively popular option for gamers who already play CSGO but with a simple backbone to the esport, it’s quick for new users to access.

How to bet on CSGO

Getting into betting in CSGO is easy, first, start by watching it. has plenty of livestreams for CSGO, ranging from individual amateurs to professional teams or even million dollar competitions such as ELEAGUE or ESL.

The general rules of CSGO are this… 

Two teams, 5 players each. One team plays as Terrorists (T), the other as Counter-Terrorists (CT).

The terrorist team objective: To attack a location and plant and detonate a bomb, or eliminate the Counter-Terrorists

The Counter-Terrorists objective: To setup a defensive position around two possible bomb-sites, then eliminate the terrorist force or defuse the bomb.

The professional game is formed from two minute skirmishes, first team to 16 wins.

Why is this interesting…

With only 5 men on a team and two possible bomb sites, strategy plays a huge part. Does the CT team send all their forces to defend one site or split between the two to defend. Or alternatively, risk it all to attack the T team in a surprise move.

Money Matters

The balancing of CSGO occurs in the form of money. Each player starts with a small amount of money. Every kill, bomb plant or defuse earns more money for the team. Winning the round also gives a bonus to each player. As players earn more, they can spend it on bigger weapons, body armour or kit to help them win the next round. The cost of this, is a lower reward from kills with a bigger gun.

The best example of this is the AWP, a sniper rifle capable of killing in a single shot at any range, it’s a certain kill, but it’s reward is very small.

Being on the losing team consistently also gives you a bonus cash. So after several rounds of losses, you’ll start picking up more money. This gives a chance for the underdog to switch around creating tense games where no clear winner can step forward until the end.

CSGO Betting

Thanks to this deep strategy behind the decisions of the players combined with lightening quick reflexes and teamwork, betting on CSGO can give you some serious highs as underdogs can’t be written off to till the end.

How to get good at CSGO betting

Know the teams, know the players, know the maps, know your odds. The more you watch CSGO the more you’ll pick up and understand which players are good, which are bad, who’s on form and who isn’t. At Tipify, our predictors and Tipsters know their stuff, they’ve been watching it for years and can certainly help build your understanding of the sport. Before placing a bet, check our CSGO Predictions and see which way the tipsters and predictors are betting, it’s free to view 30 minutes before the start.


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