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Get set for the CS:GO Majors with a New Years discount!

Posted 28th December 2016 By: LEX

Happy New Year!

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Hopefully everyone is well rested and ready for an exciting new year of eSports betting in 2017. Building on the growth of the last few years 2017 is set to be an awesome year. More and more companies are turning their attention to eSports, whether it’s European Football teams buying up teams or University scholarships for players.

We’re glad to be right in the thick of the action. January see’s several major competitions for CS:GO and Dota 2:

  • WESG 2016 World Finals, 12 – 15 January, $1,500,000 prize pool (CS:GO & Dota 2)
  • ELeague Majors, 22 – 29 January, $1,000,000 prize pool (CS:GO)
  • ESL One, 6 – 8, $250,000 prize pool (Dota 2)

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Written by LEX

Worked as a web developer in a busy web agency outside London before making a break away from corporate websites. Teamed up with Para to rebuild from the ground up and transform it into After a successful 18 months of CSGOHUB, we rebranded and expanded into Tipify.