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Help Santa for $10 codes at

Posted 16th December 2016 By: para    217 Views


Christmas is almost a week away and Santa is in a mad rush to get the presents ready for delivery. This year Santa has received a list of Skins with letters missing.

Santa needs the loyal customers help to complete the words and redeem the skin names on (must be logged in) as a reward he will credit $10 to your account.

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  • This is for existing Fanobet customers only.
  • 1 code per person.
  • Once the code is redeemed its no longer valid.
  • All codes must be redeemed at


Good luck and Happy Christmas from Tipify & Fanobet.


  • IorisPT

    the seventh one is medusa

    • Well played 🙂

  • xddxd

    I guessed one of them but can’t put because I never placed a bet, nice.

    • For existing customers only I’m afraid

  • DeV

    The last one is Restrict.
    But i can t take it….

  • Seled wife fur internat conect

    THE THIRD TO THE LAST IS FIRESPERPENT i alredy used it tho
    dem im good at this xd

    • DeV

      No, its not. See the last letter is R 🙁

  • Seled wife fur internat conect

    lol got mixed up i mean second one(Saw the f at beggining xd);

  • Deeuh

    4: Asiimov
    5: Hyperbeast

  • Deeuh

    2: Fireserpent
    4: Asiimov
    5: Hyperbeast
    6: Vulcan


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