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Tipster Competiton: November Winners

Posted 5th December 2016 By: para    255 Views

November saw another great month of tips from our users. Starting from $100 and with a max-bet of $20 we’ve seen some impressive returns in both CS:GO and Dota 2.

CS:GO: $100 Prize Pool


1st Place: NitoxDoan, wins $50 Steam Code

NitoxDoan (AKA. Genius of CS:GO) too centre stage once again with some mega profits through the month, the 210 bets placed ultimately proved a few too many as profits suffered towards the end of the month, but NitoxDoan still finished with an impressive 323% ROI for November.

2nd to 5th: $50 prize pool

Following behind were Reindeer (wins $30), Cloud9 Autimatic (wins $10), MediBiceps (wins $5) and Sun Ce (wins $5). These tipsters managed to still obtain an impressive return from their bets, but none quite matching the ferocious profit from NitoxDoan.


Dota 2: $40 Prize Pool

November saw a rise in participation from our tipsters in Dota 2 but this month looked just a little too tough for most. We only had 3 tipsters qualify for the competition (+20 tips and in profit at the end of the month).


1st Place: NitoxDoan, wins $15 Steam code

Proving their betting skills extend beyond CS:GO, NitoxDoan rose to the top of the Dota 2 tipster leaderboard right at the end of the month with two very bold bets.  Despite these two, the other 68 tips were consistent steps in the right direction planting their 1st place at the top of the standings.


2nd & 3rd place: $15 prize pool

kocheike (wins $10 steam code) and SAnt (wins $5 steam code) took 2nd and 3rd places respectively. With a good return across a broad range of tips.

Overwatch: $40 Prize Pool

No-one qualified for the November Overwatch competition. With a $40 prize pool and 5 prizes up for grabs.

Sending out the prizes

We’ll be contacting the winners of the November competition in the next 24 hours via the email they use on their Tipify account. We’ll first ask you to confirm your email address is active (just reply to the email), then send through the Steam credit code relation to your prize money.

December Competition has begun!

If you think you can turn 20 tips into a profit what are you waiting for! Become a tipster and join in now



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