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Changes to the tipster global stats

Posted 18th January 2017 By: para    230 Views

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 12.16.08 pmToday we’ve released an update which is focused on the tipsters which addresses a few issues:

Global stats vs Competition Stats

Once a tipster starts placing 20+ tips, usually they’ll start to notice a difference between the stats on the competition leaderboard and the stats on the Global leaderboard. This has always been an issue since they both run using different calculations, in short prior to this update it was…

Global Stats: Stakes set between 1% and 20% of the tipster inventory (a 1% stake could be 5 or it could be 1000 depending on the size of the inventory)

Competition Stats: Regardless of inventory size, the stake is always between 1 and 20.

It’s a minor difference but caused a lot of confusion for tipsters as they started heading towards an inventory of +1,000. Since the stakes start becoming unrealistically high for some bets.

This new update follows the competition setup, so any new tips placed are between 1 and 20. Inventory is ignored, you’ll always be able to place a tip. But if you placed 1,000 tips at 10 and got them all wrong, you’d have such a poor profit and Yield that you’d be pushed down to the lowest reaches of the ranks. So this setup should help to bring out the good tipsters, who aren’t looking to maxbet every game.

This change to the stake sizes should result in the February stats for a tipster mirroring their performance in the competition which is clearer for everybody to understand.

Matches with odds of 1

This was nothing short of irritating for everyone, before the match, the odds would mirror real odds, then as soon as the match finished the odds switch to 1. So nothing would be returned to the tipster.

Today’s update should stop this happening by storing the odds at the point you place your tip. So if the odds are great when the game is first posted, you lock in those odds giving you a better reward.

Tips going missing until the result comes in

This issue appears when you place a tip, you’ll see the tip on your profile. But, once the match starts the tip disappears, it only reappears when the winner has been decided.

We try to avoid adding match results manually ( humans make mistakes (and it’s boring) ), instead we rely on a feed for the results. It does a great job 99% of the time, but occasionally it takes 24 hours for the result to come in. If it takes longer we’ll update it manually. This new update ensures you’ve still got a note of the matches waiting to be finalised, they’ll show up as ‘Pending’ on the recent tips section.

  • Hase

    Nice update. Good to see some things change here.

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      Agree on that

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    hope this site really takes off! Keep up the awesome work!


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