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Winning Tipsters in December! (updated)

Posted 6th January 2017 By: para    178 Views

Despite the off-season looming heavily over the latter half of the month, the tipsters were busy out hunting profits wherever it lay.

Top CS:GO Tipsters, December 2016

December had some close competition in CS:GO with 111 tipsters finishing off the month in profit but with only 13 tipsters managing to stay in profit and qualify for the competition by making 20 tips.

The competition for 2nd place downwards was exceptionally close with several tipsters fighting for the same spots.

1st Place: J'
Wins $50 Steam Credit
48 TIPS / 62.5% STRIKE RATE / 29.03% YIELD / +187.54 Profit

2nd Place: ATF
190 TIPS / 66.5% STRIKE RATE / 3.07% YIELD / +105.38 Profit
Wins $25 Steam Credit

3rd Place: Krateling
69 TIPS / 64.5% STRIKE RATE / 7.97% YIELD / +104.23 Profit
Wins $15 Steam Credit

4th Place: PeCK
38 TIPS / 76.3% STRIKE RATE / 21.71% YIELD / +97.93 Profit
Wins $5 Steam Credit

5th Place: banolia | kickback com
25 TIPS / 64% STRIKE RATE / 19.01% YIELD / +91.8 Profit
Wins $5 Steam Credit

Top Dota 2 Tipsters, December 2016

The pro scene for Dota didn’t have such a long offseason giving tipsters a much wider opportunity to get their tips in and hunt out some profit.

There were 37 tipsters entered who clocked up a profit but only the 5 winners managed to hold onto it over the 20 tips required to win a prize in the competition.

1st Place: 이기적인 딸기 - 사회 병
73 TIPS / 66.1% STRIKE RATE / 6.26% YIELD / +100.68 Profit
Wins $15 Steam Credit

2nd Place: Ma LonG
68 TIPS / 73.1% STRIKE RATE / 3.41% YIELD / +42.37 Profit
Wins $10 Steam Credit

3rd Place: kocheike
61 TIPS / 52.2% STRIKE RATE / 5% YIELD / +28.47 Profit
Wins $5 Steam Credit

4th Place: Sun ce(孙策) G2A com
91 TIPS / 69.4% STRIKE RATE / 1.19% YIELD / +25.56 Profit
Wins $5 Steam Credit

5th Place: NitoxDoan// Bets4 pro
49 TIPS / 69% STRIKE RATE / 3.76% YIELD / +9.51 Profit
Wins $5 Steam Credit

Top Overwatch Tipsters, December 2016

Overwatch saw a nice boost in tipsters but only 16 could find profit, the winter break was particularly harsh to Overwatch with many games postponed or cancelled and only a few on each day.

1st Place: NitoxDoan// Bets4 pro
Wins $15 Steam Credit
35 TIPS / 70.8% STRIKE RATE / 4.81% YIELD / +5.97 Profit

We’ll email all winners via the address on your Tipify account – you can update it here – from an email address shortly and ask you to confirm your email address is active, then we’ll send out the Steam credit codes to the same email address Monday next week.

January Competition

There are changes for the January competition but with December out of the way there should be an amazing opportunity to bet this month, with 3 major competition in CS:GO and Dota 2.

Thanks to everyone who entered in December, let’s go again in January, GLHF!

Note: The odds for several games hadn’t been saved properly after the audit, these were corrected after the initial announcement of the winners and the admins decided to re-run the results with the games amended. The result changed the order of the winners slightly, PeCK and Krateling swapped places in CS:GO and kocheike and Sun ce swapped places in Dota 2.

  • Krateling

    Should probably wait and recalculate once the 1.00 Odd bug has been completely fixed since 2 people (me and ATF) in the CSGO top 5 have been effected by it in their last bets durring the last month

    • LEX

      They were all fixed this morning as part of the audit. These results were generated once those matches had been reprocessed

      • Introspect

        Sorry LEX, just want to clarify with you. Will the rewards be sent to our emails? Hope they will be settled soon. Thanks. 🙂

    • LEX

      You’re right, the odds were corrected but it wasn’t reprocessed and sent out to the tipster tip odds. I’ll run through it again now and recalculate the scoreboard.

      • Introspect

        Maybe point out which are the games are the ones that have been affected for csgo? So LEX can do an easier job.

        • LEX

          It’s ok, I can see them in the database.

        • Krateling

          yeah probably should’ve listed them again but the links to those games were already posted in the “Bet and won but no return?” thread (in the comment chain under LEX’s comment on the 27th)

          It was Rush3D vs Tengri and QBF vs Elements Pro Gaming in December for the Hellcase Cup.

          Also Wizards vs Warmonkeys for Dolphin Shoot Em Up but that was in january so didnt matter for this

    • LEX

      I’ve rerun the leaderboard, it’s changed slightly, but fortunately everyone who’d won before is still a winner, just the amounts have changed. Thanks for pointing it out.


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