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(Updated) January Tipster Competition Winners!

Posted 3rd February 2017 By: para    472 Views

Edit Note: We’ve spotted that the results announced on Friday 3rd didn’t include the results for January 31. Because of this we’ve regenerated the leaderboard, the one shown below is now the correct list. I’ve added a section at the bottom of this article to show what changed as a result of this.

We’d been looking forward to January from the first day of the winter break and it didn’t disappoint! Featuring a superb majors for CS:GO alongside some not-so-great competitions in Dota 2 and CS:GO our tipsters have put in an awesome performance. An impressive 3,463 winning tips were recorded on Tipify during January.

Best CS:GO Tipsters

This month we had an impressive 121 tipsters strike a profit throughout January. But only 20 could hold it together through to the minimum 20 tips required to qualify for a prize.

Leading the way from early on ✪Viruss(LFTeam) started strong with a near faultless run through the matches in early January before finishing up with a profit of +185.69 and an impressive 84% hit rate.

Following closely behind was a tough fight for the lower spots on the prize board. But the ultimate result was as follows…

1st Place: $50 Steam Credit
36 TIPS / 83.9% STRIKE RATE / 34.51% YIELD / +185.69 Profit

2nd Place: $25 Steam Credit
27 TIPS / 70.4% STRIKE RATE / 37.27% YIELD / +144.61 Profit

3rd Place: $15 Steam Credit
100 TIPS / 68.8% STRIKE RATE / 12.12% YIELD / +122.87 Profit

4th Place: $5 Steam Credit
I need help =)
209 TIPS / 67% STRIKE RATE / 6.36% YIELD / + 121.53 Profit

5th Place: $5 Steam Credit
29 TIPS / 65.5% STRIKE RATE / 20.61% YIELD / +102.01 Profit

Best Dota 2 Tipsters

Dota 2 saw another rise in popularity with tipsters, with 32 tipsters striking a profit. It was a closer fought and seemed to be a generally a difficult time to find profit in the games available. However, our top five certainly managed it, none more-so than 2nd place LL who managed to get 11 of 12 matches right on the last day of the competition.

1st Place: $15 Steam Credit
50 TIPS / 67.4% STRIKE RATE / 7.57% YIELD / +54.87 Profit

2nd Place: $10 Steam Credit
42 TIPS / 66.7% STRIKE RATE / 5.4% YIELD / +45.4 Profit

3rd Place: $5 Steam Credit
72 TIPS / 61.7% STRIKE RATE / 4.45% YIELD / +25.89 Profit

4th Place: $5 Steam Credit
45 TIPS / 75.6% STRIKE RATE / 2.04% YIELD / +18.4 Profit

5th Place: $5 Steam Credit
s m a c c
25 TIPS / 79.2% STRIKE RATE / 6.12% YIELD / +16.15 Profit

Best Overwatch Tipsters

Despite the huge impact Overwatch had on eSports when it first hit the competitive scene, the betting scene has taken a lot longer to build up. Despite this we’re still seeing profits from our top tipsters.

1st Place: $15 Steam Credit
54 TIPS / 45.1% STRIKE RATE / 21.75% YIELD / +76.57 Profit

2nd Place: $10 Steam Credit
29 TIPS / 72.7% STRIKE RATE / 8.48% YIELD / +24 Profit

3rd Place: $5 Steam Credit
SexyStacey 27
23 TIPS / 73.9% STRIKE RATE / 7.71% YIELD / +22.67 Profit

4th Place: $5 Steam Credit
21 TIPS / 61.1% STRIKE RATE / 1.82% YIELD / +0.82 Profit

If you’re a winner

Make sure your email address is up-to-date on Tipify, I’ll be contacting winners later today to confirm their email address is active, before sending across steam codes in a follow up email early next week.

Competition already open for February…

Don’t miss the February competition, it’s already started, check out the leaderboard.

A note on following tipsters

Make sure you never blindly follow a single tipster, do some research on the tipsters you follow, we make sure each tipsters full track record is available for you to view with month-on-month stats. Use the tip-sheet which takes a collective view of everyone you follow to build up a personalised suggestions of bets to place.

Also note, the difference between the Tipster competition stats and the user profile stats…

This month we’ve made some changes to clear up something which caused mass confusion among users (and sometimes admins). The global tipster stats system has switched to use fixed stakes between 1 and 20. Previously it was a percentage between 1% and 20% of a virtual bankroll. The trouble with this was that percentages wasn’t a fair system to use on the competition,  since someone may have a stake of 200 whilst another can only put 20 down. So we’ve changed the global setup to match the competition.

Before the change there were some dramatic differences between the stats on the tipster profile and in the competition. Hopefully as time rolls on after this change (it happened 2 weeks ago) we should start to see a much similarity between the two.

Update 7th February

Having announced the results of the competition on the 3rd Feb, it was pointed out by several users that the results of the tips on the January 31st hadn’t been included in the final standings. After a quick investigation we realised this was the same for everyone, so we decided to re-run the leaderboard to ensure every match in January was included. The result didn’t affect Overwatch. However CSGO and Dota had a small shuffle in the top 5 as follows…


2nd Place Moonst3R down to 3rd
3rd Place gengar down to 4th
4th Place PeCK up to 2nd

Dota 2

New entry, DPW becomes 2nd place
2nd Place kocheike down to 3rd
3rd Place Capunks down to 4th
4th Place Sexy Stacy down to 5th
5th Place NitoxDoan out of the top 5

  • it seems like my last tip on the 31th january didn´t count to my proft. The match Rushed vs Pride. And also the last few matches for other tipsters where the result was updated on 1st February, but the match was on the 31th january

    • LEX

      I’ll take a look and regenerate the results if needed

    • LEX

      Thanks for pointing it out, the results have been re-run now. There was indeed some missing matches.

  • Krateling

    Dont know if its intended because my email was already verified last month but i havent recived any emails for the febuary competition

  • Moonst3R TIPIFY.GG

    I didn’t receive email from you LEX

  • LEX

    Really sorry for the delay guys, was rushing on Friday and didn’t have time to go through this like I’d planned. Just catching up today – long birthday weekend 😀

  • LEX

    I’ve sent an email to everyone now, if I’ve already spoken to you before then it’ll include the steam code, otherwise it’ll ask you to get back in touch so I know it’s an active email address


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