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New Update: Rankings, Profiles and LoL?

Posted 28th February 2017 By: para    173 Views

We’ve just dropped a big fat update down on Tipify, one that has been penned in from the start but has taken a long time to put into motion. We’ve just released a new update that completely reformats how we track your tipster statistics meaning we can display information faster and clearer in a number of places across the site.

eSport Specific Tipster Rankings

We’ve split the rankings into their separate eSports, so if you’re 1st in CS:GO, but last in Dota 2, you’ll now have three separate rankings (CS:GO, Dota 2 and Global). Hit the ‘Top Tipsters’ link in the main navigation to see the rankings for all the tipsters across Tipify then select the eSport you want to filter down to.

In the screenshot below you can see the rankings for Dota 2, or using the filter tools across the top you can switch to the other eSports on Tipify such as Overwatch or CS:GO (or League of Legends soon! 😉 )

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 5.04.17 pm

From here, you can click through to the tipsters profile where there have been some extensive reworking…

eSport Specific Tipster Profiles

The redevelopment extends to the tipster profile pages, now you’ll see a customised record for each of the eSports the tipster has left tips for and the resulting performance.

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 5.07.17 pm

This gives you a clear view of the performance of a specific tipster. In the screenshot above you can see a nice haul of profit for Dota 2, leaves the tipster in 3rd place in the rankings. So whilst this tipster hasn’t had much success in CS:GO, it’d be worth keeping an eye on them for Dota 2 tips,

The tipster profile page has also had a clean up and thanks to a new database structure (I’ll spare you the details) we’re now able to control the data you’re seeing much easier. As such, we’ve added pagination to the ‘recent tips’ table, this is something that had been requested in the forums from time to time.


Pagination added to the recent tips table

Future Updates

There are lots of areas of the site that can make use of this new structure, we’ll update them in time. At the moment the next area we’re going to work on is the match page to ensure that the tipster rankings and stats there are eSport focused.

League of Legends?

Yes, we said League of Legends, by popular demand (and because we love eSports) we’re going to be including League of Legends tipping from March onwards. This will include a $50 prize pool in the monthly tipster competition. Hopefully if there’s a good uptake of tipsters we can raise the prize pool, so get busy sharing Tipify, the bigger it get’s the bigger the prize pool can go!


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