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February Winning Tipsters

Posted 8th March 2017 By: para    343 Views

The tipster awards in February was impressive, so many profitable tipsters made this a delight for anyone following along.


Best CS:GO Tipsters

This month we had 95 tipsters strike a profit throughout February. But only 16 could hold it together through to the minimum 20 tips required to qualify for a prize.

Top dog was PURE YOY started strong with a near faultless run through the matches in early January before finishing up with a profit of +201.68 and an impressive 10% yield.

The rest of the tipsters was close fought with lots of place changes, especially through the huge amount of BO1’s in February

1st Place: $50 Steam Credit
100 TIPS / 48% STRIKE RATE / 10.9% YIELD / +201.68 Profit

2nd Place: $25 Steam Credit
76 TIPS / 73.7% STRIKE RATE / 9.74% YIELD / +132.00 Profit

3rd Place: $15 Steam Credit
39 TIPS / 64.1% STRIKE RATE / 16.21% YIELD / +103.26 Profit

4th Place: $5 Steam Credit
26 TIPS / 69.2% STRIKE RATE / 16.15% YIELD / + 67.20 Profit

5th Place: $5 Steam Credit
Sun ce(孙策) G2A com
29 TIPS / 65.5% STRIKE RATE / 16.8% YIELD / +62.51 Profit

Best Dota 2 Tipsters

Continuing the rise of Dota 2 on Tipify, February saw another increase in tipsters striking a profit. The profits the tipsters found were much bigger too this month.

1st Place: $15 Steam Credit
Soldat guigui CSGOFAST COM
46 TIPS / 73.9% STRIKE RATE / 18.59% YIELD / +137.00 Profit

2nd Place: $10 Steam Credit
35 TIPS / 82.9% STRIKE RATE / 18.23% YIELD / +127.60 Profit

3rd Place: $5 Steam Credit
lil bi
27 TIPS / 92.6% STRIKE RATE / 33.28% YIELD / +102.84 Profit

4th Place: $5 Steam Credit
Sun ce(孙策) G2A com
46 TIPS / 76.1% STRIKE RATE / 12.16% YIELD / +85.94 Profit

5th Place: $5 Steam Credit
26 TIPS / 73.1% STRIKE RATE / 17.44% YIELD / +45.35 Profit

Best Overwatch Tipsters

February didn’t serve up many matches ripe for betting. Which is a massive shame and see’s the leaderboard looking a little puny. Because of this, we’ve lowered the entry requirements to just 10 tips, which means the leaderboard looks as follows…

1st Place: $15 Steam Credit
Sun ce(孙策) G2A com
19 TIPS / 68.4% STRIKE RATE / 7.65% YIELD / +19.29 Profit

2nd Place: $10 Steam Credit
17 TIPS / 52.9% STRIKE RATE / 5.53% YIELD / +17.8 Profit

3rd Place: $5 Steam Credit
21 TIPS / 66.7% STRIKE RATE / 7.42% YIELD / +4.38 Profit

If you’re a winner

Make sure your email address is up-to-date on Tipify, I’ll be contacting winners on the 9th March to confirm their email address is active, before sending across steam codes.

Competition already open for March, increased prize pool & LoL…

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 3.47.38 pm

Prizes have changed slightly, they’re now G2a credit. This gives us a better understanding of which gift cards are still valid rather than having any trouble with the Steam credit system. Because of this the total prize pool is in Euros but has also been raised to €250.

We’ve now included League of Legends, with it’s own prize pool of €50 G2a credit!

Don’t miss the March Tipster Competition, it’s already started, check out the leaderboard.

A note on following tipsters

Never blindly follow a single tipster, do some research on the tipsters you follow, we make sure each tipsters full track record is available for you to view with month-on-month stats. Use the tip-sheet which takes a collective view of everyone you follow to build up a personalised suggestions of bets to place.


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