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New Update: Tipster Analysis and Reputation

Posted 28th March 2017 By: para    338 Views

One of the main targets of Tipify since rebranding away from CSGOHUB back in October last year was to focus on bringing in the community together more to create a betting resource which the community can steer to ensure we can not only dig out the best tipsters in eSports, but also to help everyone work together to beat the bookies.

As a result of this mantra, I (Lex, developer/founder) have been listening to feedback generated over the last few months and trying to ensure the site develops in a way the community of visitors and tipsters appreciate and enjoy. One of the frequent bits of feedback was the concept of user generated predictions – like a writeup / analysis of the game.

User Generated Predictions

We’ve got a lot of knowledgable people from a wide array of backgrounds on Tipify, some are gamers who know every detail about the maps, teams and players, some are looking to place a bet to help enjoy watching their favourite teams, while others are dedicated gamblers hunting out profit in whatever form it takes. Whatever the case may be, ultimately, everyone has their own thoughts and opinions on which games to bet on, which strategies to employ and which underdog is profit waiting to be found.

To try to maximise this, we’ve made a good step forward to encourage tipsters to leave their analysis on Tipify.

Introducing Tipster Analysis & Rep

Last week you may have noticed an update that we snuck in. We’ve been quietly trying it out behind the scenes for a while and are finally good to start pointing at it.


In the screenshot above you’ll notice that this gives a quick snapshot view of the everything you need to know to work out how much you can trust the tipster before even reading the analysis. Below the tipster name you can see the current ranking, number of tips, Profit, Yield and Rep of the tipster.

You can also see their tip and then the analysis they’ve added to accompany this tip.

If you read the analysis and appreciate the information, you can use the vote-up button on the right hand side to show support. If the information is inaccurate, offensive, trolling or severely lacking information you can use the downvote button.

If tipster analysis hits -3, it’ll be taken down from display, any positive rep will be added to the tipsters profile.

Tipster Rep Leaderboard

We love a good leaderboard and this seemed like a good opportunity to add a leaderboard to dig out the most reputable tipsters on Tipify. So we’ve added a tipster rep leaderboard here.

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 2.05.23 pm

This also shows the eSport the reputation has been added for – since a legendary CS:GO tipster might be aweful in Dota 2.

We’re looking for new ways to encourage users to start leaving analysis, so if you have any ideas, leave a comment below.



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