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Changes to Tipify for May!

Posted 1st May 2017 By: para    324 Views


We’ve decided to make some changes to the way the competition works on Tipify. We’ve seen it grow well over the last year and think now is the right time to take it to the next level.

Tipify has always made strides to ensure it get’s tips in for as many games as possible, but now we want to expand these tips to include match reports and predictions.

Changes to the competition

So from May onwards the new rules of the competition are as follows:-

  • A tipster must write an explanation (over 180 characters) for their tip on at least 10 matches during the month
  • A writeup must not have a negative rep.
  • A writeup must not be copied from anywhere else.
  • A writeup must be of sufficient quality. We encourage our users to rep up or down good or bad predictions accordingly

Viewing predictions in the final hour

We’ve decided to reintroduce the predictions showing up in the final hour before the start of the match to all users, prime users will still be able to view all content anytime. This is similar to how the site ran from June last year to March with the final 30 minutes being free to view.

Volunteers needed!

Currently I’m the only one loading the match results and I know I’ve not been as on top of it as I should be, now this is in my spare time, I’ll admit I’ve struggled to fit it in. There’s also a host of other content that should be better kept up-to-date such as team profiles, logos, rosters, forum mod etc.

If you love Tipify and are keen to help contact us and we’ll set you up! It’ll be an awesome help for me and the community will appreciate it too.

A look to the future of Tipify

Since the demise of csgolounge, we’ve been looking for ways to balance growing the userbase of Tipify alongside the revenue required to keep everything running.

Over the last few months there’s been a lot of change behind the scenes, most notably, that Tipify is back to being a hobby project for us (Para and Lex), the company structure still exists but we’ve found work elsewhere and will continue to run Tipify in our spare time. This is primarily to take pressure off of Tipify financially and just focus on growing the site.

We’ve now settled on the target of making Tipify a completely free-to-use website.  With the hope of attracting the largest community of esports bettors anywhere on the web. We won’t be able to make this jump immediately (unless you’re a sponsor who wants to help fund the process 😀 ) so we’ll be making a gradual switch over the next few months bit by bit to lower costs.

Currently ‘Tipify Prime’ will remain unchanged and I’m hoping that the new tipster competition rules means there’s more good content to get your teeth stuck into!


  • Hey Lex, what will happen to the loss of analysts? Since Stan is gone, we only have Myzz. WIll you guys get more? Will you guys get more analysts for other games. e.g. dota?

    -Mr Sexy

  • The future of Tipify is looking bright, keep up the great work guys!

  • Sun ce(孙策)

    I want to join in for the help that u want to hire . i myself find it very dissatisfying when the match result isnt updated and proper data required isnt provided . u know my e-mail so mail me . I can analyze matches too but only on breaks at the end of my sem so donot count me for that though. and tipify is gonna be huge bud dont worry

  • Hazzard

    That’s good. Looking forward to see more from you, guys!

  • Krateling

    Seems like a pretty bad idea to force writeups that cant be rated negative, because it makes it possible to manipulate it. Downvoting everyone above you at the end of the month to get them DQ’d from the rankings.


Written by para

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